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loving god with your mind (leadership)

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I think that if you give yourself to God, you are not thinking about God. In being with God, you are no longer questioning whether he doesn't exist or does, because it goes beyond that. If you are loving God, you are not thinking about God, and you are definitely not thinking about who is the natural leader between men and women. I would get rid of questions like that, as they are obviously not important. What is important? Living a life of quiet compassion. No one needs to be corrected on whether or not the bible says women are weak...loving God precludes thinking about Him, and therefore even more so everything of less importance. While loving God, we are not comparing ourselves to others, our guilt and fears and anxieties have gone away. Loving God is not something that is described in words. The best words we have for it are love, light and compassion. We may argue literature or do whatever we wish to in the world, there's nothing wrong with that, and I don't say we need to only read the bible, or Buddhist canon, or anything like that. But what we do in the world is not what is important to God. And it's not that we reject this world for another world, it's that we reject this world as false...or at least made up. I would also say the Bible is not the Word of God.There is some Word in the bible, but the Word is in everything, it is wind, water, wood, rocks, people, it is everything. That is the Word, it is not what people wrote down. Some of the writers of the bible might have been inspired, but goodness gracious, what does that mean? Dostoyevsky was inspired! That doesn't mean anything more than that it was a worldly thing that was inspired, and inspired by God perhaps, but it is not the Ultimate Truth. Blah. It's why I prefer Buddhism in many respects: what does having found Jesus mean? No one can tell, so people use it vulgarly, while it should actually have something to do with Him, and his life, and God.

And don't forget how horrific your Christian fathers have been: slavery, rape, murder, pride, prejudice, hate; and saying women are inferior to men is reminiscint of those in every way, although it's a smaller crime. Why can't we be humble and stop claiming absolute knowledge of Good and Evil? Isn't it true that we don't always know what's best for us? Isn't it true that sometimes good comes from bad situations, and bad comes from the best intentions? So why don't we..let go and let God.

About men and women, let's put it this way, let's say the disproportion of man is also the disproportion of woman. She is a something between nothing and infinite. She is infinite to nothing, but nothing to the infinite. She can go higher or lower, but her position can never change, she is like a bubble, a sphere or range between God and nothing. Now tell me- how different is man? Are you saying, on leadership, he is a little higher? It is absurd, and these things are in such constant flux.

So let us stop comparing, because it is not the way to truth. At least let us let go of our convictions long enough to live in uncertainty, and then live with no opinions. No opinions but that we should be compassionate.


  1. little-self's Avatar
    good read
  2. little-self's Avatar
    "In being with God, you are no longer questioning whether he doesn't exist ............."
    excellent Nikolail
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    Thank you so much, Littleself! Miss you around here, hope you come back someday.