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don't worry in pure land

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this is a bit of a story, a letter from one person to another, in a world. i didn't include names or anything so you won't know who it is from or who it is to.

haha don't worry, it will be and until the end of your life, i would imagine. see think about it where we are in time; we have the past behind us and the future ahead but are shielded by infinite moments, and infinite possibilities. that means our joys will be manifest over and over again, and our future life something we cannot even imagine. do not worry because the good will be the end result, freedom and good; in fact the entire journey is a good end result. as we achieve realizations, we will learn to view the entirity of our lives as they are, that we have always been an unawakened buddha, and we have the ability or power to make our lives anything we want.the joys as well as the sorrows are immaterial, but life is easy enough that it should be pure joy. as shin buddhism teaches, and it is enough to say we may achieve liberation and eventually buddha-hood, when we see that we are in the pure land at this moment, and it is all around us. further, as i believe, when we do, then we will see the whole of our lives as one identical time, in fact all one moment when we compare it to time. this is the beauty of our fleeting lives, but the main consideration is that when we give ourselves over to good, in fact even to good and evil; no matter what we do, good will come in the end. this does not mean that you will do equal, for you also notice how good your life has been- how good you have been to people, etc... ah, i am and have been rambling for a little bit, please accept my apology. anyway i'm just rambling, but i love you. take care and have a safe trip wherever you go.


  1. Countess's Avatar
    Interesting. I see the transcendentalism in it - and to some extent Christianity agrees - but it doesn't *feel* good, and being good and feeling good are entirely two different things.
  2. NikolaiI's Avatar
    hm. thank you for reading and commenting, countess.
  3. little-self's Avatar
    'have a safe trip wherever........'
  4. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Good bye. And hello, as Always (R.Zelazny)