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truth or lie?

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The truth in the lie
There was in Crete a man called St Paul Epimenidus.He once said:
All crete dwellers are liars.
Epimenidus is a crete dweller.
Therefore Epimenidus is a liar.
So there are 2 possibilities from what he said we can assess.
1.Either he is a bogus person ,a liar like all cretans as he claims to be.
2.Or ,he is a person who utters the truth,and then all crete people also must be like him true people.
Both are possible.This is called the Epimenidus paradox,or dialectics of liars.
One person had a mystical experience.He knows that it is truth .But to communicate that to someone else,he might sayĒ
I had X experience.It must be true,because the great personality Y also had similar experienceĒThen to prove that Y had a real experience,he has to quote reference of Z experience.This endless series of proofs is called a regression.In philosophy the regress goes on from th efirst mystical experience eof the rishi and it still continues.In science also this regress is happening by quoting references and proving oneís viewpoint with another personís viewpoint and experience.This reference and cross reference we call evidence,or verification of experience.
Now there is an old story .A lie story.
Once upon a time there was a princess.She was stitching a dress.She lost the needle.Can you get back the needle by any process you do?By nodding head?by making an answer?The question will you get back the needle goes on repeating forever ,so that the child is tired and goes to sleep without troubling the elder further.If you write the question endless times horizontally or vertically you can fill pages and pages of books.But if you write cyclically and put an arrow you need write just once.Repeating decimals are also like this.The question whether there is a God also is like this,a single left to right omega sequence ,which can never be answered fully.For those who prove the existence of a infinite energy ,god exists,for those who prove the existence of two(duality)God can never be proved.(unless they follow the path of bhakthy between the observed and the observer as two things separate from each other and call that relationship-love,kindness,concern,knowledge whatever ,-as God)therefore,as Wittgenstein said the problem of life is always unsolved.An unsolved problem is always new for coming generations of souls,jeeva,and hence the problem of one-many,of God,noGod,of existence and transcending existence is an evergreen one.Each one of us has to tackle it in our own way.The incompleteness theorem of Godell (1930)is based on this Wittgenstein theory.All mathematical laws are complex methods to grasp the meanings of symbols and are not enough to grasp absolute truth,according to Godell.Godell was a mystic thinker like Einstein.The central point of mysticism is that Truth is Only ONE(EKAM)or God is ekam.The methods to experience these vary with various mystics.What name you call the Ekam is immaterial.What is important is that you experience it .Hence the anantham can have anantham names,it can anantham forms is a perfectly scientific way of thinking which developed in India several thousands of years before Curt Godell .Our body including brain is the hardware,our memories,abilities,opinions,our behaviour from childhood(what you feed is the childhood habits),etc are the software,and these two are there in a computer also.But these is a jeevan or athma,a manodharma,a pure consciousness in us which is at present absent in computers,and this pure consciousness which we callI or Aham is studied in detail by the Upanishads,Gita and Brahmasoothra of India.Since our thoughts can be communicated and they remain eternal in the worldís memory,each of us has a eternal life.In that sense death does not exist.The thoughts of ancestors existing in new generations,their genes in new generations all prapagate an eternity which shows death is an allusion .Only the physical brain and body destroyed,not the mental,intellectual body of thoughts.The pure consciousness of individuals and of the universe as a whole is eternal.hence Canter said infinity is existing in our minds.This statement paved the way for proof of telepathy,ESP and other transcendental visions.When Krishna said in the Gita that he is infinite and he reincarnates every yuga ,he really meant it in the most scientific sense.
All poets ,writers,musicians etc record majority of their software as codes to be read by posterity.Every book,cavewriting,musical compositions are such records.When a sahridaya catches up the software and grasps it he/she become one with the creator in mental /intellectual self.In this way,even after thousands of years,poets and musicians and thinkers and philosophers are reborn in a listening mind.,a concentrated mind.A Tyagaraaja,a Kaalidaasa,or a sankara are never dead,because they live through their software ,not the hardware.When I write these words I am also trying to communicate my thoughts,my software,in a way.Hence every book,every musical composition,every speech,every work a person does,every word a person utters too,are reflections of that personís consciousness and to map the consciousness of a person,it is not good to disturb them ,but share the experiences in a friendly way.Nowadays investigators of brain and consciousness try to embarrass and torture their subjects ,toget the preformed notions they have in their minds/consciouness about consciousness.It is not torture medicine and data which will enrich our knowledge of human nature ,but narrative medicine,free sharing of thoughts so that everyone finds out truth in their own way.
What is not expressed through words is revealed to us as mystical experiences,as musical experiences etc.What we call God,goodness,beauty,heartspace,etc are only different names of the same Eka energy.Those who have a vision of language a sa sreni of symbols to express a absolute truth,is having a semantic vision.Those who think that language is only a leela according to some definite rules it is a syntactic vision.Semanics ask whether S is truth in the mental mathematical universe.The syntactics ask,whether it is possible to prove S through the known scientific techniques.These are the model theory and proof theory in logic.The one who asks both and proceeds from both ends will find a new experience.
To experience a vision ,and then search for its proof,either consciously or unconsciously arriving at the truth is what I have in my life.It is both mystical and scientifically logical simultaneously.That is when we take the entire biography.When I experience the mystical vision I was not conscious of the mysticism or of science.But when itry to prove it,I didnít have mystical elements in me,but I was behaving like any scientist would do in a similar situation.The experience of einsten ,Srinivasaramanuja,Kekule etc ,that of Poincare and many others I have quoted in many places just to prove my point ,as reference.Mysticism is Ekatwa.It is Isavasyamidam sarvam.If consciousness is a circle,and radius is 1,going on endlessly dividing it into two,we can reduce it into a bindu or point (naadabindu /suvarnabindu concept of vaishnava) .This is dhyaanamargam.Every cyclical concentration toinside,the selfishness reduces and self expands to universe.When mind is concentrated in Zero bindu,we experience ourselves as the entire universe,or our consciousness expands intothe entire universe,O and alpha are merged in one.The cyclical reduction of the circle inwards is in the shape of a Taurus,bent inwards.Where the relative timespace disappears,and the mystical timelessness experienced,the laws of the universe become revealed in a split second(sphota)and one become blessed in a blissful state is called vettaveli by Tamil sidha .Erwin schrodinger said:If I know that my body is functioning according to rules of the universe,and I am controlling my body with my own experiences,it also is true that I am controlling the movement of every atom in the universe.When Krishna said this in the Gita,he was stating a scientific truth.The problem was Arjuna could not grasp it.Rudy Rucker in her boo has compared the view of schrodinger to Upanishad vakya Atma=Brahma=Prapancham
The experience of timelessness is satori in Budhist tradition.Zen Budhism tells us that a person need not be always in this state.It is compared to the state of sushupthy(deep sleep)from which we come back to routine life in Mandukya Upanishad,The avasthathraya explains this in Indian science and philosophy.If world is in me ,and I am in world,it is a coordinate reciprocal relationship.If S is me,and Y is the universe,the copy of Y is in S and copy of S is in Y in an infinite way,like mirrorimages.(Dakshinamurthysthava).
. The circle is S and the rectangle is Y here.According to this mirrorimage theory(called schroder Bernstein hypothesis)
Language is controlled by left brain.It also counts things ,cattle etc.The right brain reveals musical melodies,the infinite aakasa or the timespace etc.The left is needed for anekam,the right for ekam to be grasped.The left is needed for science and right for humanity.Human brain has both.We cant deny that we have both.How much of it works is the problem of consciousness in each individual as far as researchers of the brain as a physical matter of neuronal bundles are concerned.
When Newman compares chess and calculus in the book Godellís proof,I was thinking about the old leela of ours,the gyan choupad or gnaanachathuranga.
Here also there are initial formula(axiom),formulae derived from axioms(theorem)and rules of the play(rules of inference or derivation).Whether I am playing ,diagnosing a pathology slide,analyzing a philosophical question of existence of God,or an astronomical problem,or formulating a music therapy programme,I am using both sides of my brain in a balanced way,and hence I donít feel the necessity to say that mysticism is lie and science is truth.Nor do I feel the necessity of saying the vice versa,that science is a lie and mysticism is truth.Both are true,from a different standpoint,and both are in us,and if we apply a balanced lifestyle and open all the possibilities of our thought processes(what the neuroscientist will call the neuronal channels )we can be near perfect if not perfect .And that existence is what every conscious man will prefer to have.For me,apart from my deep sleep state and my musical layayoga states,and my dhyana of various subjects in which I became naturally interested ,the hours I get to involve in routine things which every women in my locality ,and of my age does is very very little,and that makes me a different person Is that a lie or a truth which looks like a lie is a question for you,but not for me who has experienced it.It is just like that ,the question of God and His/Her existence will always remain a problem of truth or lie.


  1. Countess's Avatar
    Your writing style is difficult but the substance is gem. No, God can be neither proven nor disproven by man. However, God can prove himself and man. (-: However, we'll have to wait for the "next existence" for that to occur. I appreciate the way you weave logic and spiritual principles in with philosophy and neurology. Very interesting indeed.
  2. suvarna nalapat's Avatar
    Thank you for the comment and for the interest you show in the subject.
  3. free's Avatar
    suvarna nalapat, right now I am obsessed with titles and yours is a very good one!