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Dumped and Goodbye

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Hey everybody!! I'm heading out tommorrow for MEXICO!!! I'm so excited! I probably won't have access to internet I won't be on for a week or so. Just wanted to say talk to you later before I left.

Okay, now its time for less happy stuff and some funny stuff.

My friend is heading off to college next year. Well, he is doing Army ROTC. Anyways, he just called me to say that he got his dorm room. Its a suite, he got it since he doesn't have to pay for any of his college. Anyways...he was so excited because he is sharing his suite with three girls. And the dorms in that area are wet. Oh dear. He is pretty psyched up now. Oh and by the way, the girls are pretty he says.

Okay, so Victor said that he just wanted to dating. Not in a relationship. So...I'm feeling pretty weird. First he acts all nice, sincere, honest, funny, smart etc. Then he doesn't call for a few days...THEN out of the blue, he calls me up and asks if I want to hangout. We go to a movie, chill...then he says "I'm not really ready for a committed relationship. I'm feeling kinda trapped and who knows whats going to happen while you are in Mexico..."

What the hell is that? We aren't getting married or anything. You'd think he would have a better reason. I talked to one of our mutual friends and I asked him if he just found another hotter girl...he just said no. That he likes me, but he doesn't want to find another girl while I'm gone or me find another guy while I'm gone and end up hurting one another.
Except pretend that the computer is his head. I NEVER WANTED ANYTHING HARDCORE. JUST SOMETHING THAT WE COULD BOTH HAVE FUN WITH, YET NOTHING THAT WOULD BE TOO LOOSE. Does that makes sense? He likes me, but he doesn't trust me or himself. ????? WHAT????

Boys= (I've always wanted to use the alien thingy!)

Okay, whatever. I don't want any drama, so I've just decided its better that we seperate now, before limbs are torn off. Goodness. Its only been, like what, 2,3 weeks? And he is feeling trapped!! I'm pretty laidback, I don't get jealous easily and I don't mind doing things other people want to do.

Now to the funny. I went to the store I work at, 'cause my friend works there as well, anyways, I went because I wanted to say bye before I left. Well I waited outside with my brother and her boyfriend. All of the employees walked out because they were closing. Lil G, my bro decided he wanted to scare her, my friend that is. Well, I walked up to her and started talking to her. He hid behind her car. A co-worker walked by him, and he thinking it was my friend jumped out at her and yelled "BOO". It was the funniest thing ever. Another guy I work with started laughing so hard he fell on the ground. Good times.

Okay, I think this one is long enough. Again, see, er talk to you all later...once I get access to internet...I'll post pictures when I get back. Its gonna be so beautiful and fun!!




  1. Countess's Avatar
    Ana, the secret to understanding males is that there isn't any secret. What a man says he also thinks; unlike women, there's very little subtext between the lines. Translated: he wants to keep his options open, though nothing's on the table being offered. Typical guy.
    Have fun in Mehico!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    If he doesn't trust himself now, what's going to happen when he's in a dorm with three gorgeous girls? (Or is that a different person? A little confused.) Feeliing trapped after a few dates? Tell him to hit the road, Jack. He's not interested in you as a person.

    Have a nice time in Mexico, Ana.
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Have a wonderful trip in Mexico, Ana. We'll miss you. About the boy who doesn't want commitment, that really is strange, considering that you have only been an item for such a short time... Well, you just go and have a great time, and then sort out your thoughts concerning him when you get back ... You never know, he might miss you more than he is willing to admit to...
  4. Niamh's Avatar
    hope you have a good time in mexico! Men!