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She's gone...

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An update to my previous blog entry...I found out a few hours ago that Mrs E has passed away. The wake is on Monday because apparently there are some issues about services and cremation and so on.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Dear Kathy I am very sorry for the loss of your friend's mother but I am also glad that yout friend has you there for her.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    My sympathies Kathy to you and your friend. May your friend's mother be in better place. The suffering is at least over.
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    my symphaties Kathy. I'm sorry to hear it happened so suddenly.
  4. andave_ya's Avatar
    Yes, me too. I'll be praying.
  5. Countess's Avatar
    Sorry for your / her loss. I hate posting comments in response to death because they all sound cliche and trite, and death is not. But, as others said, the suffering is over, and that's always a blessing. C
  6. Bakiryu's Avatar
    Sorry for both your loses but perhaps you'll meet in another life . Good luck and Blessed be. Jin
  7. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of your loss, Kathy, you are in my thoughts.
  8. kathycf's Avatar
    Thanks everybody, for your thoughts and prayers. The wake is tonight and the service tomorrow, and as their church doesn't allow cremation there will be just a short memorial service instead of a full blown funeral.... I think my friend feels the lack of a church service but felt it better to respect her mum's wishes to be cremated. ... (oh, and Mrs E had been in poor health since February...well longer than that, but she started having strokes in Feb. so this wasn't all that sudden.)
  9. applepie's Avatar
    I'm sorry for your loss. I'm also saddened to hear that your friend is not recieving more support from the church. It doesn't seem right that they would behave that way. ~Meg~
  10. 's Avatar
    I'm very sorry to hear that,Kathy.
  11. Shalot's Avatar
    And this was the last blog entry. And she's gone...
    I thought it would be funny to post in this old blog, since one of kathycf's blogs about how people revive a thread from 3 years ago to post foolishness came up on the random rotation....She's gone.
  12. andave_ya's Avatar
    yeah. i miss her.
  13. mtpspur's Avatar
    I always felt in some way responsible for her leaving. Why she did I never knew. For a time I admired her knowledge of the computer she tried to instill in me but we know how far down thepike I am from mastering more then the basic skills. Kathycf was the first one to recognize a certain affection I have for a beloved moderator and we PM'd back and forth a bit and then nothing. I thought a friendship was developing and then she left. It may be but when a person cuts off the line of communication there is not much left to hold onto. Kathycf was probably my third friend on Litnet after Grace86 and Pendragon if memory serves and perhaps (at the time I was going thru a very long drawn out lonely period) I deluged her. Another mystery perhaps God will share when the question of who Cain's wife was gets answered in eternity.
  14. Virgil's Avatar
    I remember she had some personal problems going on and didn't have the time for lit net. I don't think it was any particular person here at lit net. Still I would have thought she would have come back by now. I wonder if she reads lit net anonymously? If so, hi Kathy.
  15. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Hello Kathy from me, too. If you are still checking in on your blog, you can see that there are still a handful of us who miss ya LOTS!

    Rich, it is a big for sure that she would not have left because of you. Just before she left, she opened up quite a bit (she was a kind, helpful but very private person). I think that she felt shy around us, having opened up. But if you are reading this, Kathy, it would be great to just have you back and pick up where we left off, somewhere back in the Games Threads, lol!