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Surrender was the straw of hope
and took it up they did. Battalion
vaunts up and rose but pomp
was clouded in. A flame lit immoral
befitting rise in passion,
leading rants on Yankees
to cook their pride in sin.
But where mind at will
gives thought to fort and citadel
is built, a tyrant will annex
but feel his soul burn like cinders.
A change of season
and fortune brought
from middle-west,
a defense for right.
His beared and booze
and jocund mood,
his native plights and tales so trite
deemed quite angsty and often rude
was the bloat of last resort.
It was as though depravity
lost adopted sense
when barbarity gave rise
to squall,
that fell the Southern fence.

Entrenched was a mutual flag of cheers
when obdurate command surrendered
Negro rights given all in future years
Hurrah for the booze defender!


  1. Countess's Avatar
    Wow. Quite profound. I picked up the Civil War theme fairly easily - but I think you managed to capture the intense, underlying emotion with uncanny aptitude. Well done.
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Very powerful, and the ending sums it all up beautifully. Well done, Adol