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Imported Poems

On Boston

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The lady in the red dress is moving all around the uptown
She's going to Paris and Rome on her way around
But you know she's not traveling, you know she's only moving around
And her tastes aren't so simple, she'll break your bank for her evening gown

The Greek politician writes his views out into a haiku
He reads it to the press, who find it to be simple as a rule
The write it with pencils and pens and other fine tools
And they all pretend that that 5-7-5 is fine for you

St. George holds his pose as the portraitist clenches his fist
His subject is prone to malaria and epileptic fits
Between sessions they vist with Elmo, they play poker and whist
He'll be slaying a lizard, as dragons just do not exist

My friends and I, we are thinking of going to Spain
They want to fly over the ocean on the newest and fastest aeroplane
They want to sit soaked in sangria on beaches protected from rain
But I get the feeling we're all just moving round once again.