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they fit you perfectly

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i would have loved to
have brushed your
hair and kissed your
you were
perfect, precious
if i hadn't cried i
wouldn't have seen
i think you would
have blinded me when
you came to me
i miss you my
my little girl.
you should have been born
today it
kills me to live
without you
i wish i could
have seen you
in the dressing room
told you how beautiful you
look maybe
once i could have kissed
you and told you
to dance to fly
as if your life depended on
it to live as if your
joy depended on it
but i couldn't and i
think they were words that
you, after all,
taught me.
i'm so proud of you
it's not a prom
it's an death for me
a life for you
but you look beautiful
and i want you to
know your mommy
loves you in your angel wings.


  1. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Beautiful. Amuse, you have an amazing blog, full of the loveliest poetry. What a gift to LitNet, truly. Thank you for these beautiful words.