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Just Babbling

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[COLOR=SeaGreen][FONT=Courier New]
To be able to break all walls,
All doors
To walk the thorny path and survive
It sure is love, you proclaim.
To stand still,
Though the earth below quivers, shaking your feet
As if you’re standing on the thinnest ice
Waiting to shatter and sink you in
This must be love, you declare.
To keep on smiling
And say
Sweet encouraging words and genuine compassion
To maintain the daily good wishes
With the softest tone and friendliest gesture
Whilst in return,
Mute rejoinders are all you received
And clichés are the most precious thing
That you treasure
Such love…
And how you keep being human
When you’re feed to the grotesque lust of ignorance
And the imbecile neglecting manner
Which are dying to consume your humanity
And cast you away
With the most painful heart wound
That will take all your tears away
How to keep opening your heart
And wait… and wait
Is this really love?
You try to convince your self
What you feel and what you should not feel and should have feel
Or this is a simpleton’s ambition
To play the role of a hero
And hoping to stand with the highest self-satisfaction
When you receive the merriest standing ovation
When they roll down the curtain
And close the show[/FONT][/COLOR]