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Casino Royale

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The long suffering wife and I finally saw Casino Royale today. Went to the 1 pm showing. About 20 or so people in the theater. I knew this was a fresh start for the series and was impressed at the thought put into it. When the conclusion came and Bond's theme is FINALLY played it's like we went full circle.

I notice they gave Vesper a little more motiviation in her actions and they did get the book's last line in. I kept thinking thru the movie how much like Ian Fleming Daniel Craig looks but (minor complaint) didn't SOUND British enough and yes I know Connery is Scotish. Ruth liked it also.

While there saw a poster for Pathfinder which looked a lot like Frank Frazetta's paintings of the Death Dealer--add 2 glowing red eyes and you have nice copyright infringement case for him. Ironically they showed a trailer. Seems interesting and I guarantee 20 years ago I'ld be all over the flick but now it seems a blend of the early part Conan the Barbarian and Dances with Wolves. Still might go.

Had lunch/dinner at Dairy Queen where Sandy used to work and I called her from there to tell her its a rule now--I can only call her from there. The natural confusion ensued. Discussed the joys of taming a young husband with an attempt to be helpful in light of a (to me) disturbing remark made about Michael yesterday--actually two disturbing remarks--one I can live with, one I may arrogantly decide is my business--haven't decided yet but knowing me I won't be able to resist opening Pandora's box to let the poison's out.

After that a very quick trip to the Bookery where I paid for latest High Adventure magazine this one reprinting two Ki-gor (a Tarzan clone) from Jungle Stories. For once there was no editorial background so I'll have to dig out the pulp reference guide and see what issues got reprinted.

All for now.