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Day Off 1 Coda

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During Scrubs I hear a buzz of activity from the long suffering wife on the 'box' as usual these days to discover her talking to Jim the eldest. I put him off mainly to finish Scrubs and gather my thoghts. The custody paperwork arrived yesterday and I had been studying it earlier. I had even talked for about 10 minutes to a clerk at Children's Services and we agree running a case of custody between Ohio and California WITHOUT a lawyer is problematical to say the least (and I had much to say).

Bottom line on the 11th which will be a VERY busy day I get to drive to Springfield and spend about 30 minutes saying goodby to $80 though I'm going to try squeezing $30 out of the Mrs. since she was the one spoken to by my little prodigal.

Scrubs finshes. The drama queen kicks in and I cell phone James back starting with Scrubs is the new Buffy--no one gets talked to during it. I would even turn down replacing my Avengers set if proffered. AND House MD is like watching Buffy/Angel also off limits. My son knowing me as he does accepts this decree more graciously then I expect. I gather the week has cooled his temper better then I hoped because I didn't that much prayer time into it. After giving him careful warnings about the logistics of this case he still wants me to start the process. I clearly warn him I'm collecting parking fee/lunch money out of this but he laughs. He's in for a surprise next Thursday when I short him $15. I had carefully mentioned travel money back and forth to Ohio as this might take 2 or 3 visits. No I don't have his Power of Attorney--didn't even try to make it an issue. We're going for the I told you so here as he refuses to get a lawyer--translation no money to hire one.

To be continued next Thursday God willing. At least we're still talking to each other and we never once discussed his ex who I have grown very tired of and glad she's out of my life.

P.S. James didn't realize he hadn't asked me for the $80 first which is very typical of him so that sore is lanced.