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Day 3-Blah

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The problem with 4 days off in a row is that by the time they arrive I'm physically/mentally tired and I fritter it away. I finshed up the 1st Professor Jameson book and have got a good start on the second. Spurgeon has been routine the past couple days but I blame myself for not appreciating him more. It is a constant struggle to focus when I read him rather then just read the paragraphs. Today nothing major happened. Ruth had a shortday today at Meijers. Not sure if I've recorded this but she is job hunting and her interview at Krogers went well but no promises. I leave her work life to her since I'm (barely) able to pay the bills along with hers IF she'll wean herself off the credit cards as I'm trying to do.

Have not been in a mood for TV. I find I watch less and less these days. Even the DVD sets are sitting idle. Been thinking about a 24 binge but Brandy still has set 1. Did call her last night and we updated each other. She thinks it may be awhile before she gets the police dispatcher job but my panic attack at losing a co-worker who's on my side has settled since she does not object to the phone calls. We discussed Tami a bit. I'm somewhat caught in the middle since I only have to work with her 2 hrs a day but apparently the rift between her, Sam and Brandy is growing. Brandy pointed out that now that Tami's car accident settlement check has come in the back complaints have dried up. In my naiveness I just thought she was being a trooper about the pain as I rarely mention my physical troubles (admittedly minor--die drama queen die).

Basically almost decided not to blog due to lack of material but not ready to interupt the flow. I do hear an echo of many years ago of a fellow whose name I can't remember now was rebuking me for "Wanting every day to be special."

To which to his irritation I replied "And what's wrong with that?" 30 years later and I still think I was right.

All for now. Let's see if this posts without my having to log back in.