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Currently my ♥ Amazon Wish List ♥ is at 9 pages. I'm hoping to get it down to around 7 in the next few days.

But really--what's up with and sacrebleu!!

.com you can get everything from dictionaries to dog pooper scoopers, GQ Magazine to snowblowers!

.ca? Well.. dictionaries, DVDs, and the latest Decembrists CD. Oh, and software/video games. That's it!

Which is all fine and good, but I'm really quite shocked and appalled that I can't order a canister of Illy Espresso Fine Grind or a black pair of BCBGirls Women's Gabry Platform Wedge Boots....I mean I really do hate pretty much all forms of shopping in real life, be it for groceries, clothes, or other 'necessities' It would be great to do most of it online.

But I guess I can't be a bona fide mouse potato until I can buy virtually *everything* online! thanks a lot! Now I have to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise!


  1. WriterAtTheSea's Avatar
    Yes, it seems along with its new website has diverged into a wide range of consumerism, catering to a broad varieties of product that will suck up to online shopoholics. The Boston Globe had this to say about it today: launches site for purses, shoes

    By Associated Press | January 4, 2007

    NEW YORK -- Inc. has launched a separate website catering to those passionate about buying handbags and shoes, marking the first time the Internet shopping powerhouse has launched a new online brand. quietly started testing on Dec. 11, featuring 250 brands and 15,000 styles and dangling an unusual offer in the online world: free overnight shipping.

    The inspiration for came from Amazon's customers themselves, said Steven Goldsmith, vice president of apparel and accessories for and vice president of

    Shoppers looking for accessories said they wanted speedier service and were particular about how they search online for such items as only brown handbags and Donald Pliner boots with a particular heel height, he said.

    "We started with a blank sheet of paper. . . . We started with the customers and worked backward," said Goldsmith, who declined to discuss sales goals. began selling handbags and shoes in 2002.

    Goldsmith said, which uses Amazon's distribution centers, developed a different navigational search engine, allowing consumers to shop by price, style, brand, size, and color all at the same time or separately.

    The site also allows shoppers to zoom in on details of the product. Based on consumer feedback received so far, also plans to allow consumers to shop by heel height, Goldsmith said. is also aiming to differentiate itself by providing other services. If a customer finds another site that offers a lower price within two weeks of the shipping date, the company will refund 110 percent of the difference. And if lowers the price within 14 days of the shipment date, will refund the customer 110 percent of that difference as well.
  2. kilted exile's Avatar
    It's all a conspiracy to sell things like toques and scarves. The companies pay not to sell them on-line as then no one would have to buy them as we wouldn't need to venture into the outdoors.
  3. Nightshade's Avatar
    hummm I love my amazon exept you cant get so many of the films Id like to see... NTSC only