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Half the time

Gift of the Phoenix

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Go out, walk, go to school
Return home, homework, sleep
What have you done during your day
During your Life

Have you done anything, really
Achieved any dreams
I think not
Go out, meet a Phoenix

Walk, school, returning...
You meet the Phoenix again
He asks you if you want to
Fly with it and go away

Far away, to another planet
Home, homework
Leave everything behing and
Go live where you want

Sleep, sleep, sleep
No responsability
No choice, nothing, at peace...maybe
Would you accept the Phoenix's gift

Sleep, sleep, RING
The bell wakes you up
And find out that it's a dream
But there's a feather on your head

And at night you can see it
It's in your room, watching you...
Waiting until the day you choose
Would you accept its gift

Just remember, Every gift has a string