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possibly pebbles
nothing remember
time before it began,
and the yugas before
even matter existed

when they were untold
quantities of gas

before they became mountains
where dinosaurs
mated thrashing their tails
trying to escape
inevitable doom
when meteors
displaced them
and turned them
into sanctuaries for
people to pray
to explore
get lost
in before
their caverns
subsided into oceans
or thrust up
from still waters
like newborn babies
peering around
them at 360 degrees of water,
newly wrought
yet capable of sustaining

perhaps pebbles
remember where they
came from where
they are going
why they were transformed
into marbles
why they will become sand
and disappear in some
beachgoer's teeth one
day after a summer
barbecue on the beach
i wonder what
they could teach me
if i could even

...your son informed me
the other day that
i'm his son
"phoned" his "girlfriend"
"Are you on the planet?
Are you coming to pick me up?"
already he knows more
than i ever have,
remembers more than
i ever will,

and i would ask him
about the
secret of pebbles
but he's aging fast
and like them
his silence is building.