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Ah, Christmas Eve is finally upon us. Just two short years ago I would be anxious as a freshman on his first day of school. But now, sadly, that is gone, and all I look forward to is this much needed releif from the oppressvie heat...

Even last year I would be distrought right now too...We leave at noon on Christmas day for Dallas, home of my Mom's parents. Instead of being angry beyond reason that my Christmas is cut short, I'm excited about seeing my cousin Paul, my aunt and uncle, and of course Nana and Papa.

Then we have a good six hour drive to arkansas, to house sit for my dad's bother while he and his family are on vacation. This too I am looking forward too, as I am responsible for their many animals. A wonderful little dog named Holly, a cute Hampster named Lovey, and a enigmatic old cat named Spot.

My aunt was hoping she would've died by now (that horrible old feline is 17 years old!). Oh well. They also have a Hot Tub, trapoline, broadband internet, and Cable (4 more things I don't have. My parents don't just deprive me, they ENJOY depriving me.)

Ok, you don't believe that my parents deprive me? Sometime late last year, after another bout of "I want a DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooOOOoooooOOg" they acutally asked:
"Oh, your serious? We always though you were kidding."

14 YEARS!?!?!?!?!? They actually thought I didn't want a dog, i just enjoyed begging for one...

Now their excuse is that I go to college in 2 years and my mom doesn't want to be stuck with it. They also gave me all sorts of odd jobs, to build my character so I can "cope with the responsibility" of a dog.

Just a note to parents: Building up a child's character so they can be responsible enough for a pet only works if you actually GET THEM A PET.

enough said

Okay, I believe I'm done ranting for now. Have a great Holiday Everyone!