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Memories of the 28th Century

Bull Moose

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As I sat outside for a few minutes, the question of who I should vote for for president this came to mind. No thinking person can vote for Trump, and there are major problems with the programs that Biden has pushed, and his support of Israel is enough, by it self, to drive me away. In the past I have voted for the Libertarian candidate, and I still my. But a few days ago, I read an article about Teddy Roosevelt, and I was positively impressed by the time someone shot him twice in the chest during his 1912 campaign, but he gave the speech he planned anyway, even though his notes had bullet holes and blood stains. (see link below) I don't yet know whether the Bull Moose Party is still in business, but I will consider writing in Theodore Roosevelt anyway.
After reading his platform, I can say that I generally agree, and I do favor a square deal for everyone and eliminating all laws and government programs that give any advantage or disadvantage to anyone.
Teddy Roosevelt's Party was the progressive party. That is a major difference from today's politics, where we have one presidential candidate who should call his party the Regressive Party, or maybe the Bull Dodo Party. I am proposing a distinctly different sort of political movement.

Government should not give any advantages to anyone, and everyone should be treated equally. The purpose of government is to pay your friends from public funds or to trip up people you don't like. Government should establish a system within which everyone can live and do business. We already have more than enough laws on the books; we should take a careful look and get rid of the laws that give advantages to some, and the first place to look is in income tax law. And we have to remember that here in the U.S.A. the federal government has only very limited powers over local issues; The role of the federal government is to deal with the states and with foreign government. The only powers the feds have over states is in regard to interstate commerce and ensuring that citizens receive appropriate and constitutional treatment from the governments of the states. What happens with a state is the concern of that state.

Another legitimate concern of the federal government is assisting citizens who have problems in other countries, and encouraging other countries to act fairly. And that includes not aiding countries in abusing their citizens. Every country has an interest in having other countries follow international law, and that includes representing the borders of their neighbors. That means that terrorists countries that murder their people in the pursuit of their ideology should be discouraged strongly, and that means that Israel and Russia should be stopped from violating international law any more. But the U.S.A. is not and should not be the policeman of the world. The military forces of the U.S.A. should be for defense, not to prop up or knock down foreign governments. Military bases in other countries should be closed and the hardware should be brought home.
The constitution is quite specific as to what the federal government can do, and those limits must be obeyed. It would be nice to return to constitutional government in the U.S.A., even after all this time. What do you think?
The Square Deal Platform
The article that got me started on this: