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Memories of the 28th Century


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Recently, I have been in rehabilitation as a result of being hit by a car, and after some time, they moved me to the nursing care part of the facility. That move has been horrible. Being in a medical facility is unpleasant, but I find the way that people are treated in the nursing home to be repugnant. On the other hand, most of the people here are in horrible condition and are simply waiting for their ends. It might just be that I am inappropriate for such a place. I am quite ambulatory, unlike many of the other people here.

What I have found most unpleasant has been the many people who Have no bowel control. Feces are best not smelled or even seen, and the aerosols from fecal matter sometimes contain harmful bacteria, and it is possible to become ill form smelling the stuff. But as unpleasant as that has been, especially when the guy in the next bed is creating the stench, the worst thing was when a woman was saying, “Help me. Frequently and continuing to say it for much of the day. Occasionally, a nursing home for an extended period. Perhaps I should have gone to her room and listened to what she had to say, but the staff would have chased me away, because that wasn't my role. One nurse would stop by and tell her she was O.K. That kept going for weeks, until she died. I am not surprised that she died, but I find it horrible that there wasn't a staff person who could sit with her and give her the impression that someone cared. but the rationale for places like this is to care for people. Most people don't go to nursing homes for fun, and several have died since I have been here.

More recently, things became even worse. It was found that my tibia had become infected. I don't know when the infection started, but I should have wondered when an open part started draining. It was comparable to when an infection started near one of the incisions on the operation I had in 2018. I kept hoping and expecting that the draining area would heal up, but it didn't. The result is that the metal rod and screws in my leg had to be removed, and I have been put on intravenous antibiotics for the next six weeks. I will be tied to the IV, which will reduce the scope of my activities. The lesson is that complaining about medical problems is better that letting them go at all.

One day, a staff person walked into my room with a trainee and a wheelchair. After a little small talk, she said, “This is for you.” Indicating the wheelchair. I said, “No.” I didn't go into detail then, but I have known several people who took to using wheelchairs that they didn't really need, and they died.

Humans are designed for walking, and walking is an excellent way to exercise. Walking is easy and natural. In addition, I was reminded of a woman I knew who lost her leg above the knee from an automobile accident, and she refuse to use a wheelchair to get around. She used one crutch, and apparently still does. I haven't seen her recently, but one of her online profile photos shows her skiing. If you want to keep moving, then stay on your feet, if you have feet.

The complete conclusion from my experience is that nursing homes should be avoided, as long as one can protest. If one is no longer capable of protesting, then a nursing home probably is necessary.


  1. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Agree. Totally. I have spent many, many hours with loved ones who were relegated to nursing homes. During one stay where my wife was staying I decided to write a poem:

    A Vast Sea of Stars 6.14.2018 / (a true story)

    Death came by while you were asleep
    He paused at your room where another slept
    Yet tarried not there and continued on

    Death came by while you were asleep
    Hindered not by the bustle of caregivers' feet
    His silence a roar drowning out all sound

    Death came by while you were asleep
    Unseen by all till he found his appointed
    Who welcomed him gladly with open arms

    Death came by while you were asleep
    Dozens of pink flamingos stood silent witness
    as a thin man dressed in black
    Transferred a shroud into his van nearby
    where a fountain played

    Death came by while you were asleep
    And later as the golems and shriekers of night
    stood in line for their meds
    A demented man in a wheelchair counted his fingers

    Death came by while you were asleep
    He's piloting a ship through a vast sea of stars
    Ferrying souls to their next destination


    I've seen, heard, and yes, smelled the ecosystem of death of many well intentioned nursing homes... don't let your loved ones go there unless it's the absolute last option.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),