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Memories of the 28th Century

Poetic Mead

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Poetic Mead

I was surviving and recovering from an automobile accident, when I received an email from an acquaintance who asked something about the saga. I have never written any sagas, so in my reply I suggested that I might put it in verse. I have never written any sagas, so I looked up the form, and I found this

This link includes Brage's Talk on Poetic Mead from the Younger Edda by Snorri Sturluson. It is quite story, and I am uncertain as to whether I want anything with such a source, but read Bragge's Talk.

But my midday meal had cleaned my guts; although it took hours, and i did not make me feel ill. By late afternoon, my guts were again serene but empty, so I went off to fill them. It didn't make much difference what I might eat, so I imgined myself refilling my inards while travelled east of south to track down some food, and into my mind came the idea of eating a sausage grinder.

Toward Primo I fared to have their fare. I took a bus to the Fearing Street stop, alit, and started to walk the rest of the way. I decided to try to cross North Pleasant at the end of Triangle. To that end I walked to the corner and looked back at the traffic. Alas there was a car approaching, so I took a few more steps and the car passed me. Then I checked for others from tht direction and noticed that after the next, there were no others for a quarter mile, so I looked ahead to see, and saw one car round the rotary with none chasing it, I determined to wait for that and cross, for there were none approaching from behind, and there would be none from ahead.

When the car from ahead passed me, I took the fateful step, but that was my only step, because a car had snuck up from behind and hit me. I didn't even see it as it hit me, but I felt it, and I fell backwards to the pavement when It hit my sinister leg; yes it hit me on the left side. There I was lying on my backpack, and I was happy that the pack had cushioned my fall. At the time, I felt little pain, but it immediately became clear that my left leg was out of action until I would have repairs made.

Someone stopped and waved off other approaching cars, and the police and Emergency Medical were called. It was rayther unpleasant to lie on my back, but I was awake and other wise unhurt.
Soon an ambulance arrived, and EMT's prepared me for transport. So there in public, they shredded my pants and briefs, leaving me available for public inspection; and may have applied some sort of splint to hold me together, and a few minutes later, I was lying in an ambulance, and we were on the way. I have long thought that there is littlle or no need for great speed and noise for an ambulance in most cases, and it wouldn't hurt whether it to an extra ten minutes for me that evening.
I started to discuss hospitals, and I feared that I would be informed that they were taking me to CD, which is anathema to me, but I was informed that we were going to Baystate, because I was Trauma 1 or 2. So I relaxed, because I would be getting copetant medical care.

At Baystate Hospital, they unloaded me, and I was immediately taken to Imaging, where several high energy photos of my leg were taken, and then I was taken to a room in Emergency, where the initial splinting of my leg would be done, after wasking out the dirt and such. I was to get ketamine for that, so I would be distracted from the pain, and on the morrow I would be anesthesized for ythe opertion to repair.

I have heard that ketamine is used fror rectreation, but after my experience with it, I didn't know any thing recreational about it, but I didn't notice the pain. With the woulnd cleaned and splinted, I was taken to a room on the seventh floor to wait for the operation on the morrow. And at some point, I was introduced to the physician who would be doing the surgery. She initialed my leg to make sure she would work on the correct one the next day. Before she came in, I saw her standing nearby and commented that she didn't look happy. After initialing my leg, I commented that she might wait until after the surgery ansd sign her masterpiece (or should I call it her mistresspiece?), and she smiled at that.

After that, I was left to sleep, and I remembered that I hadn't gotten my sausage grinder, but I couldn't eat, because I would be getting anesthesia in a few hours. In the morning, i was introduced to the anesthesiologist who said something about the cocktail that included fentynol and had me sign the release. I was hauled to the third floor, and at some point I was ansthestized, so I missed the important work, but I later awokewith a heavy thing on my left leg, and there was a tube leading to a wound vac. I finally had the opportunity to eat food, and that was good; it was a roast beef sandwich or semthing like that. For rest of the day, I mostly allowed my body to heal and repair, while I allowed my mind to have thoughts of inflicting pleasure on Dr. Nichols, and that was better than TV. I also used my laptop, which had survived unscathed to do whatever. Baystate has open WIFI, but it will not allow sites in other countries, and some of my regular sites are sited outsige the U.S.A.

After a few more days, Doctor Nichols returned to inspect her handwork and remove the wound vac. I got to see my leg for the first time since I was lying in the road, and I was pleased that there was much less raw flesh in view, because the surgeon had put loose skin back in place. That made me ready to be removed to rehab, which was done the next day, and I I sit waiting for recovery and discharge. I was told that they wouldn't discharge me, unless there was some place for me to go, so I son't know where I will go, but I know some places that I will not go to.

I have not written in verse, but I thought about verse in a few places. And there is still pain in my leg, and I cannot walk normally, yet, but it has been improving. I will not miss this place much; although the activities director is quite attractive, but I couldn't recruit her as my emotional support animal, but she seemed to like the idea. And some of the food is rather good. But they haven't been ble to make up their minds about whether I can shuffle about with a walker by myself; some say I can, while others say that I need an attendant.

Younger Edda


  1. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Good grief ! Hoping all is proceeding well.

    Your experience would be worthy of a modernistic Skaldic epic.

    Enjoyed this from the .pdf: "They drained the blood from Quash’s pale corpse, blended it with the sweetest of honey, and then left the mixture to brew in a barrel. The mead they created was so intoxicating that anyone who had even the tinniest sip would utter honey sweet words and poetry would rush from their mouth like a fierce river."

    - note: the act of copying and pasting the text hazarded much editing in itself.

    Interesting tradition of poetry worthy of studying further

    Pray all is well,

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),