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Memories of the 28th Century

Improving Government

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There are several types of government, and each types has its backers, but I think that only two kinds of government have been called the best, but I believe that benevolent despotism has most consistently been recognized as the best form of government. Some people suggest that it might be impossible to have the despot remain benevolent, but that is more a matter of the personality of the individual than anything else. Whether a particular individual would agree that the despot was benevolent might change, depending on the particular issue being considered, but that should be a minor issue.

I am writing this in regard to the United States of America in 2023 CE, and I am thinking back to the problems that there have been with people elected to lead the federation in the last several decades. With the exception of Jimmy Carter, none of the presidents since 1960 have been good, intelligent, and honest men, and that has been a problem, and most of the problems have been caused by elections and the money involved in electing someone and what they had to give in return for the money. If we had a hereditary monarchy, there would have been no elections, and there would have been no need to pay anyone for support. That would have meant no Trump, not Bush, no Clinton, no Nixon, no Reagan, and so on. The world would be a better place for it. In addition, it would have meant that there wouldn’t have been bogus issues brought into the matter: no Al Gore and his foolishness; no invasion of Afghanistan; no invasion of Iraq, and so on.

The underlying reason for government to exist is so that the citizens can have a secure legal and cultural situation in which to live their lives, and there is no need for an active government for that. There is a need for a good court system, but after that, laws are in place, the legislature need not do much, except pass the budget so the bureaucrats will be able to continue their work. Everyone wants to get something for nothing, but that is not what government is about. People who want favors should look to their friends, because everyone should be treated the same, until crime is involved.

It’s one thing for people to conduct their private businesses in a bed of lies, but that is not acceptable for the public operation of government, and partisan politics, by its nature, is a collection of marketing fluff (AKA) lies, and that is not how government is conducted. On the other hand, a monarch has no need to lie to get the support of the people; he has the support of the people, and the Guillotine is handy and well lubricated to enforce that support. A monarch has no need to steal from the public treasury, since he can adjust his pay as needed. Even with the monarch paying himself appropriately, monarchy is less expensive than paying off a large collection of elected and unelected politicians and their lackeys. And the unnecessary programs that the government had been paying for to keep the friends and relatives of politicians rolling in dough can be eliminated, and those people who had been in clover can try to find jobs.

While there would be some unemployment initially, over time the people who had cleverly gained wealth through the government will find ways to gain wealth through business. Some might even take up useful work.

To the best of my knowledge, here are no people presently in the U.S. government who would be appropriate to the office of Emperor of the U.S.A., but there are some people who would not touch partisan government with a two-rod pole who would be very good Emperors, and a few of them are not narcissists.

The first several years would be difficult, and they would require the greatest changes. It would take years just to make the tax system sufficiently logical that people would be inclined to pay their taxes. Correcting the directives of the various regulatory departments would also be a puzzle, but pulling the federal government out of activities that it never should have been involved in would be easy and fun, and that would be hugely popular.

Suggestions on moving things along are desired.

It is interesting to read how standard works describe Enlightened Despotism:
Definitions and examples:


  1. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Interesting read.

    Perhaps a benevolent off world alien despot overseeing the democracys of countries... eliminating states as governmental agents

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    Probably not, because we already know that democracy is not a good system for government, but Having someone who is stationed off Earth might be a good idea, but using a non-human as overseer would not be a good idea, because such a character would not understand human behavior. So I will move to another planet and rule through viceroys.