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Who profits from climate change alarmism

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Consider businesses that have grown from the climate change alarmism. They range from making electric cars to making or selling solar panels to windmill arrays, and there are other companies that are looking toward sea level rise, the melting of Greenlandís ice, and other changes happening as results of climate change. There will be more, and there are some who are pushing for restrictions on economic activity because of assertions that those activities caused climate change. Like most social changes, this one is based on big lies.
With all of the research that has gone on, no one has yet shown that climate change has been caused by human activities. Yes, I know there have been many assertions that humans have caused climate change, but there is nothing like proof. But there are still old tools, etc. that are being found when the ice melts. Tools that were used in places that have been under ice for centuries or longer, and that strongly suggests that we have not gotten to a new high temperature. The barley is still not ripening in Greenland; although it was warm enough for barley to ripen there during the Norse colony there from 990 to about 1200.

We shouldnít really worry about the warming at this time, but it might be a good idea to look into who is profiting from the climate change hype. There still are thousands of recently graduated climatologists who are being paid good money to produce evidence that will justify their pays. And there are the people who are trying to put liquid fuels out of business, because their big lie says that it caused climate change, even though science makes it clear that carbon dioxide is a very minor greenhouse gas, and the Co2 increases has followed warming, rather than led it. It is normal for co2 and methane to be produced in greater quantities from decomposition of vegetable matter that is no longer frozen in tundra.

Since electric were reintroduced, a great deal of money has gone into that business, and people have started to realize that they are too expensive to be practical. People realized that more than a hundred years ago, but the lesson was forgotten.

As usually happens with propaganda, a lot of nice, sincere people have been taken in by the lies, and it hurts that that there are people who see through the lies. Unfortunately, the climate change lies are being driven in the minds of children from the early grades on, so they strongly believe the propaganda.

Even worse is that governments around the world are throwing money to their friends in a so-called green industry.

As with religions, it is extremely difficult to separate people from their beliefs, even when the beliefs are mistaken. It may even be more difficult when the belief is false, because it means that people will have to realize that they were duped.

Maybe we can start with some of the basics, such as: What makes a gas a greenhouse gas. When people learn that only molecular dipoles can be greenhouse gases, then next question is. Which gases in the atmosphere are dipoles? It is simple to look that up and find that water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas, and other dipoles are in such low concentrations that they donít make much difference, except for methane, and co2 is in such a low concentration and is such a weak dipole that it is of no consequence.

Research was done in years past that showed that the cycles in solar output and in Earthís orbit are sufficient to explain the many ice ages and warm periods. Will we be able to teach the people in political power enough so that they wonít destroy the economy in pursuit of fantasies.

This post is not complete, but there is enough here to start. This is a subject that interests me, and it seems to indicate that government is directing money toward certain capitalists in the guise of funding things that will lessen climate change. I am sure that Elon Musk blesses that U.S.Government regularly, and that is just one example.
money from warming Earth