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Well... getting ready to evacuate due to the Mosquito Fire here in the Gold Country. Large smoke plumes very visible and our neighboring town of Georgetown, CA is already under evacuation orders... we're about 5 miles as the crow flies away, but fires up here move with tremendous speed in our drought stricken, heat wave infested area - up to 20 miles a day in a worst case scenario..

We haven't received an advisory here yet, but getting prepared.

Luckily my wife is still on holiday, she was on her way home, so she's safe hopefully in Nevada with family and not on her way here.

Packing up pictures and stuff... I'll post as I can.

Feeling calm and optimistic... even took the trash down for pick-up tomorrow morning

Entre nous,

Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),


  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Praying that all goes well and your compound won´t be reached. Hope you will be able to take enough food and the animals with you.

    Post your news when you can. Hope this over soon and you can resume your house and your normal life.

  2. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    So I evacuated on an evacuation warning... took a long time to wrangle my two cats... here's a video before sunset by someone else six miles from home hopefully you can access it without having to get approval. So me and two kitty cats in an empty parking lot... thinking of getting a kitty litter box just in case at an all night grocery store nearby & get something to eat. Good night.
  3. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Hopefully all get´s well and is over soon. The parking lot doesn´t have a sandy ground it seems and you are there alone. Here they put all people together in empty schools and churches. Hope the three of you will have a good rest.
  4. Danik 2016's Avatar
    One update link for the mosquito fire.
  5. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Thanx ! Here's the same map data but may be enlarged: map gets updated often:

    If you enlarge this map I/we're near Traverse Creek in Garden Valley which shows to the right of the Garden Valley place name, SW (down and left) from the South phalanx of the fire. I'm at a library as I type and am going home since my daughter decided to come home... we had to go separate ways and my wife is now in Nevada with family -hopefully staying put. Still a soft evacuation notice for us. If it escalates to a hard evacuation notice we have 5-10 minutes to leave so the cars stay loaded and I will have to wrangle the cats again (sigh). Will not miss the hard cots the Salvation Army has... but at least they took excellent care of the kitties

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
  6. Danik 2016's Avatar
    I'm glad things are getting better in your area. And it is better to stay together with the family. And it is also good you could leave the cats in the care of the Salvation Army. I guess cats get much more nervous and unruly as dogs in these situation. Hopefully you´ll be able to stay at home.
  7. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Safe... still home on Evacuation Warning. Most of my friends still away fully evacuated. Started taking a few things out of my car... including internet box Phone has been disappointing with cell coverage... internet is still marginal at best.

    My wife is still in Nevada, maybe home Sunday if 'things' do not escalate. Cats are spooked... Rosie runs and hides under the bed afraid I'll put her in the cat carrier again, but Tinkerbell is re-adapting. Hoping we can stay home for the kitties

    Lots of helicopter and plane activity though we're about 6-miles away at last guess from fire activity.

    edit: Took out earlier links... too much having to jump through hoops to access

    Google images...

    Entre nous,

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
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  8. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Good news under the circumstances, but you probably can only really relax, when the fires are put out. Poor Rosie! But both cats will surely re-adapt when their life gets back to normal. To stay away from home is much more terrible for cats than for dogs.

    Hoping that you all can remain at home and that the fires will be extinguished soon!