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Halls of the Dark Muse

Let Me Be Happy For You From a Comfortable Distance

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I am sure I am being cynical and others will think I am a terrible bad person, but I have already embraced that about myself, so I don't really care. I am of the opinion that weddings are entirely selfish and self-indulgent. You met someone whom makes you feel happy and special, and you want to pledge to spend your whole life with them, yay for you. I am happy for you, I think that is great, go, have fun....but leave me out of it. Acknowledge that I am happy for you, but I just don't care enough to want to be completely inconvenienced by it.

Don't expect/demand that everyone in your life should have to invest their time and money into making you feel more special and important at the parting you are throwing for yourself because you demand being the center of attention, just because you have decided to make a life long commitment to another person. I promise you no matter who you are in my life, and no matter how great and awesome you think your relationship is I really rather be sitting home reading a book than sitting through your wedding.

Your choice to tie your life in with another persons, is a personal choice you made for yourself, it does not have to involve everyone else you know. And if you need the approval, and attention of everyone you know in order to validate your relationship, than really your relationship has serious issues that a wedding cannot actually fix.