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Hate speech, hate cults.

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So it comes to my attention that a cult by the title of "Gnosticism" exists; which is essentially very evil. The main thing that they do is always try to get power for the sake of power -- an inner circle or what not exists, and among the main tenets is that "Women do not deserve life," and so such a psychotic thing exists because of the "Gospel of Thomas" which is Apocrypha, and they go around preaching their bullsh*t. At all costs this should be eradicated and with vengeance.

All I can say is that they are evil and pretty much insane -- by today's standards. If confronted in any way they will simply attack, bludgeon, badmouth, gaslight, and so forth; and quickly resort to other things such as racism or what not.

I'm a good shot but I don't know how to get someone who is preaching abusive psychotic stuff like this to stop, so I am just posting this here to share. Please just resist in whatever way possible, shut them down; change hearts, convince them wherever possible, and if not be aware that such evil exists, such pure hatred for life on earth, as this can only be called.... to the best of my ability.