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And Then There Were Fewer.

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I'm writing this blog on the spur of the moment. I guess I'm thinking of a revitalized movement for Lit-Net which seems pretty nice. I am sure this blog will be somewhere between the normal length of a PeterL blog and somewhere between the length of a normal BlueBird blog. I have shortened her name a little bit.... I'm thankful for all the commom active members like Tailor_Stately, Cacian (She just came back, yahh!!!), Wolf_Larsen who blew my mind a little bit (Only a little but still meant with highest praise!!!!) ....
Or I should say and meant with highest praise. May the people of Ukraine BEAT THE BACK of of the bunk Russian Army.... And may the Russians stay true to everything in the universe and go back to Internal Peace Efforts, such as sabotaging equipment and etc.
It's just my statement as Emperor of the World I am naturally a little bit inclined towards Peace among those states on the outskirts of normalcy, close to the reign of chaos, near the ends of the earth on the out-rim of what is known..... I.e., those warring nations that used to be part of the U.S.S.R. -- and at poetic License I am only a free bee in-so-far as I do not raid the Space Station for its supplies.... HERE ONLY WOLF LARSEN.

I'm very happy I made it to the Moon and Back, and here on Track, I did not find any evidence of Glowing Moon Rocks or Dyed-in-the-Wool Socks, but I did find a few Minor Craters of Rocks and other such things. In the end we can only assume that on Earth a bluebird sings. If we all make it to angel-status (Here I must Defer to Wolf Larsen on the distinguishing of distinguished anti-terrestrials. And All that I can add is that in Spanish Extrateralles has an extra E.


Yes the Earth needs our absolute commitment, but more importantly just a little peace for those who who are saints, or crazies, or lazies, or pradies, or LADIES or Jay-Zees, or WayZees. Sayeth a Bagel on the Third Sunday of Eepricot.

Em-paddle Magic Erhitmics, are sometimes called Eurythm;
Emphatic Magic Deter the faint-hearted rhythms (Yes Nonsense Poetry.)

No Nonsense Poetry.

Left these lines blank for you:

Larsen went to the field,
and saw no one of interest,
not even one named Pinterest,
and fabled the magic story
impressing the gory,
never congealed.