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Gnosticism is Pure Evil -- "Women are not worthy of life"

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It has come to my attention that Gnosticism is the source of these insane statements. A while ago - heard some people talking and the young man said to a girl, "Women are not worthy of life" -- there are few things more psychotic and insane than this. So I am aware now of the worst cult in America.

By far the worst cult and source of evil. So -- instead trying to deal with the Symptoms in our political system, the only way to cure or heal the world is to address the Causes. And in this case, pure evil cult which is saying that "Women are not worthy of life" is the source of this. If you ask my how I know?

How do I know that such a thing is insane, hateful and a source of conflict? Well -- how do you not? But here's the thing --, dear reader, I know that any sane person will understand this. Hate is hate and clearly visible.

If attacked it will get red in face, angry and confused and try to strike back, but it must be eliminated. Unless we want to have a world full of torment, pain and hell. Which someone would say is going on right now.