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Memories of the 28th Century

Women Are Superior

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I saw something on Facebook that suggested that women were inferior to men. That is clearly absurd, but there probably are some people who think that, so I started this blog post, and I tried to think of ways that men are superior to women; the only thing I could think of was the manner of urination.

I looked for evidence and opinions on the matter, and there are many, and some provide evidence, while others state somethings in evidence that are not evidence of the superiority of either sex. A few times, superior genes were mentioned, but nothing that indicated superiority in DNA was mention, only differences. And whether one set of genes is superior is a matter of opinion and perspective. Since the only genetic difference between men and women is the possession of either two X chromosomes or one Y and one X. Asserting that one is better than the other is begging the question. But it becomes inane if one tries to argue that either sex has superior genes, because while their possession of a second X chromosome enables women to bear children, it also makes them susceptible to ovarian and uterine cancers, which males can’t get, even if they try, and the increased production of progesterone makes women much more likely to get breast cancer. It is true that women do not get prostate cancer, because of their genes, but few men get it either.
These three links go to articles that assert that men are superior to women. While I think that at best they are erroneous, but they give ideas of what that side of humanity thinks.

These links, below, assert that women are superior, and these are little better than the others, but I am sexist, so I believe that women are superior. Some of the reasons are inane, but there are some substantial reasons, also. One item in the first link is that women are better doctors than men. The writer meant “physicians’, rather than “doctors”, but if we put that aside, then I agree, and I was going to mention my experiences with physicians, which tells me that women are better in most ways, but sometimes men are better. When it comes to treating pain and discomfort, women are better, but men seem to be better when it comes to major surgery, as is also the case with mechanical things. Women tend to do better associating with humans, rather than making physical changes to people or things.
Then there are these two alleged reasons, and both of these are contrary to my experience.
12. Women make better leaders than men.
13. Women are better drivers than men.
I don’t think that either sex has the lead on driving. Women generally are not very good at driving, but there are some men who try to singlehandedly put men into the top position for bad driving. In my experience, leadership is not a sex related skill; there are great leaders from both sexes.

And there is this fact: “17. Women live longer than men.” On the average, this is true, and women can also survive in horrible situations without food, etc. better than men, consider the Donner party, in which all of the men died, but some women survived.

I believe that the question of whether men or women are superior cannot be determined with a high level of confidence. It is more a matter of preference than proof. As a man who likes women, I strongly believe that women are superior to men, but it is mostly because I like them; proof is lacking, but even though I am a man, I do not insist that men are superior, even though it would make sense. There are too many individual differences for there to be an absolute answer, and there are areas of activity where women seem to be superior, and areas where men seem to be superior; it’s probably a matter of evolution. Women seem to be better at handling emotional situations, while men are generally better at handling physical matters.

On the other hand, there are things that women do much better than men, but those are mostly matters that are determined by DNA. Part of this is the matter of nourishing and nurturing, which are central to motherhood, for which two X chromosomes are necessary, but those characteristics are useful in the practice of medicine and running food service operations. I can personally vouch for women being better physicians. Well, they seem to be, and their results have been generally better in my case, or I may think that they are, because I like them. This journal article backs that up, but the difference between the sexes is not huge; although it is significant.

On the whole, I think that women are superior to men, because I prefer women, and women are better in several fields of endeavor.


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    I agree with you completely -- Live longer, I would say kinder as well as more intelligent.
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    But the thing is the opposite is there true as well. Women have that same view a lot of the time and so that is the only problem. Same view in reverse. I guess it works out in the end.
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    Thanks for the laugh.
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    Well you're welcome? You dislike Trans? Do you follow some Old Testament or something?