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Memories of the 28th Century

Real Pandemic

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For the last two years, we have been told by some medical people and by government bureaucrats, and by the newsies that Covid19 is a causing a horrific pandemic. I think that it is largely exaggeration. Covid is a new variation of a virus that has been around for a long time. Usually, the cause of death is whatever the attending physician puts on the notice, and generally the attending physician is concentrating on one thing and may not even know about other conditions that affect a given individual. As a result of the physician's decision, people with serious heart problems may be listed as covid cases, because they were being treated for covid at the time of death, and the same is true for people with any of many other underlying conditions. That means that covid is being credited with more deaths than it deserves.

But the real pandemic; the one that will have the most long lasting effects that will ultimately affect the most people is the pandemic of OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While we only see the people who have compulsions to wear and make others wear masks; there are nearly as many people who are fighting to avoid the masks. That is only the compulsive part of the problem; there is also the problem of people having become fixated on the disease. Consider how much it is wasted on TV with Covid. It's as if there were no other news.

Even the Olympics have been taken in with the compulsive problems. They aren't letting people watch most of the events, and the athletes are under strict regulations, as if getting a cold has become a horrible sin. But the way that school children are being used as pawns in the battle over masks is truly horrible, and I expect that most children who are in school now will be changed forever by their experiences. I won't be surprised if future outbreaks of the common cold will bring on demands that people isolate if they show any sign of disease.

Give a man a hammer and everything ids a nail, but give an OCD physician a disease and everything becomes an epidemic. Until recently, corona virus was one of the several viruses that caused the Common Cold, but like most viruses, it mutates fairly frequently, and a couple of the mutated versions were unusually virulent, I am referring to SARS and MERS. If a variant as deadly as MERS were to break out, then there would be a major problem, but the covid 19 strain is not especially virulent or deadly. Let's save the extreme measures for the big one(s).

One positive effect of the ovid19 outbreak has been that it has become clear how powerful advertising can be. People will believe anything, if it is well advertised/ The mas of humanity will ignore facts and logic and accept the marketing lies with joy.

I am not suggesting that people go out and kiss the first covid case they can find, but I think that people should act rationally and avoid humans whenever possible, but that is the best idea at all times, not just when there is an outbreak of a Cold virus. More importantly, people should be suspicious of people who make extreme claims about anything, especially when little evidence is provided, and little evidence for the severity of covid has been provided, and even less evidence has been provided for the efficacy of masks. But we have long known that vaccines are effective, and there is no reason to keep an extra cold virus around. But there is no vaccine that protects against marketing lies and exaggeration, except education, and keeping students away from schools does not improve their education, unless they have parents who can show them the marketing lies.