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Memories of the 28th Century

Whose Problem

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I donít think it will come with a whimper or a bang. A few good epithets are much more likely. Or maybe I am just becoming less patient with those humans (the ones who do really stupid things.), but it isnít just me. Consider the recent news: Apparently the Gabby Petito matter became a crime, because that guy wasnít able to control himself in dealing with a rather attractive woman. Any man stupid enough to murder a woman like Gabby should get the same treatment, when he will be caught.
Then there is the matter of immigration; thousands of people in Del Rio tried to force their way into the U.S.A. after they had been told to go away. If they had paid attention, then it would have gone easier with a lot of people. Those immigrants in Del Rio should count themselves lucky to be sent anywhere. I have read that most of the Haitians were already living in other countries, but they decided to give up good life to gamble on something.
And covid vaccination: some people would be allergic to it, but if one wants to prevent viral diseases, then vaccines are the best choice; remember that Smallpox used to be fatal in thirty percent of cases. If it werenít spread from one person to another, then it wouldnít be so bad; people cold just be sick by themselves, but Covid is rather contagious, so they will inflict other people with it, but vaccination will stop the disease, or slow it any way.
Do you remember the Afghan War? The Afghans donít like foreigners trying to dominate them. In the last two hundred years, they threw out the British three times; the Sovietskis were ejected once, and the U.S.A. was ejected once also. A general policy is to avoid places where one is not liked, and there are some countries where they donít like any outsiders. Remember the missionary who decided to go to an island in the Indian Ocean, where they throw all invaders out, if they donít kill them. The missionary was killed. I have no sympathy for him. he knew he shouldnít go there, but he did anyway.

The general position that I am supporting here is that people should mind their own business. Getting through life is enough trouble without buying trouble from others, especially when they have made it clear that they do not want interlopers. For some reason, some people feel compelled to meddle in the lives of others, even though we know that the world would be better place, if people did not bother with other people.

Politicians are the worst for meddling in the lives of other people, but they feel compelled, and some have been elected, because they promised to meddle in certain ways. The U.S.A. was set up to allow people to live as they wished, but there are more restrictions on people every year.
All this advocating for people doing as they wish, as long as they do not infringe on the rights and lives of others reminded me to the song GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO.
Such a classical liberal opinion can lead to problems, but seldom do. What do you think?