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When She Came Home

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On Thursday afternoon/evening I heard mum come home. I was so happy. She was able to drive home. She asked about the parking before leaving. I'd also looked it up. They've recently changed the system so that you pay when you leave so that's a relief at least. They said to just drive out and deal with it if we have to later. Like I said, I'm still checking to see if we receive any fines.

She had been able to get some toiletries and books to read in the hospital shop and was just happy to be home.

On the way home she had the window down because it was hot. She decided to go to the vet and get the pills. I hadn't been able to speak to her after I'd gotten the pills. She was surprised to find that I'd got them. But while she was there she got flea pills. When she got there she found that the window wouldn't go up. This has happened before on my side. We called out the AA to fix it on my dad's advice. The guy got it closed snd wedged it shut but couldn't fix it. Mum booked it in with her mechanic the next day.
So we know roughly how to "sort" these things to a degree. So I listened to mum's hospital stories and went to "fix" the window. I knew I wouldn't be able to grip the window well or have the upper body strength like the guy who'd dealt with it before. So I put on washing up gloves. Nice and grippy and I get to work. Mum is on the phone telling her colleague about the hospital so I'm on my own. Some struggling but I get it up a bit. I manage to get it to a point that maybe someone wouldn't be able to reach in but this won't do. Last time the AA guy got it almost fully closed then wedged it shut with business cards. I then duct taped it for extra security. I can't get it any higher so I decide I'll get mum to come out and turn it on, then maybe the motor for the window can help me get over this hurdle. She's still on the phone for a while. When she's done I get her to come and help. She pushes the window button as I try to pull and it makes a noise and goes down. Sigh. I've gotten it so far once so I can do it again. But no. It's stuck and won't go as high as before. It's at this point that a nosey neighbor calls out of her window that it's probably just come off it's runner, she had that before, and we need to take the door panel off. We've never spoken and since I don't easily recognize faces I wouldn't be able to pick her out of a lineup if I saw her again. She's not actually nosey. Well. Kind of. She admits that since lockdown she's been curtain twitching. Fair enough. She tries to help/direct us and even looks up a video on her phone. She's nice. But we can't do it. We don't have the right tools and we part ways. Oh well. It was worth a try and it was nice of her to try and help and now we've spoken to someone on our street we didn't know before so I'm counting that as a win.
So we decide to call the AA. It's quite late in the routine I've established over the week and the dog had been getting antsy. Well she followed me into the kitchen and just couldn't hold it the poor thing. She peed all over the kitchen floor. We'd been so distracted we'd lost track of time and I hadn't prioritized her walk because mum said she'd walk her then didn't. It was a miscommunication. She thought the dog had already been out for her necessary pee walk, despite the fact that it was clear I'd just gotten up when she came home. Never mind. So I cleaned up the pee (and by cleaned up I mean put down a lot of paper towels to absorb as much as I could while I took the dog out) and mum called the AA. Unfortunately she had my keys and hadn't put them back so I had to pester her for my keys while she was on the phone getting confused which AA card to use (she was on my dad's policy but he recently canceled it and rejoined because he'd been with them for maybe 30 or so years so they were taking him for granted by awarding him something like "gold membership" which costs more and he'd rarely if ever had to call them out. So he rejoined as a new customer so we had to too. She was still using the old card details and had to find the new one). I walked the dog. She peed a little outside too like a good girl. Because it was now after hours our call was moved to a contractor. Fair enough. Seems there were a lot of breakdowns that day and because we were at home it wasn't an emergency. Though mum was supposed to go back to the hospital to pick up a prescription (now they have her on cholesterol pills too) but couldn't very well leave the car with the window open. Eventually I decided not to wait any longer because who knows when this repair person would come and it had started raining so I went out and taped some bin bags to the window to keep it dry. It was not dry. It was already wet. When he eventually came he couldn't get it up all the way either. He couldn't get a good grip because it was wet from the rain. i offered up duct tape as a solution. He taped the window and used the tape as handles and got it mostly up. Then sealed the gap with the duct tape. Duct tape for the win. (I use to think it was Duck Tape but like a brand, because there's a toilet cleaner called Toilet Duck for example and was quite rudely corrected by a former friend who shall remain nameless. But actually we were both right in out own way. While the product may be called DUCT tape the brand that we have is actually called DUCK tape so take that nameless person). Then mum went to the hospital to get her pills (she was supposed to go at a certain time but she called to let them know she was having car problems and they said she could get them the next day if need be). The window held up until she got it to her mechanic. We had planned to shop on Saturday since we had originally planned to shop on Monday/Thursday depending. But the car wasn't fixed until the following Monday. We still haven't been shopping but we plan to today. But since I'm up so late again it looks like I'll be going to bed when we get back.
Oh well.

So with the hospital and the car thing I started to wonder if she and/or we had been cursed by some sort of misfortune spirit. I'm considering it might have been the Boggle. We played Boggle for the first time waiting for her GP phone call but didn't finish the game. Does unfinished word games invite misfortune? Now there's a scary thought.

Sorry for triple posting but after the time it took to write all this up I wasn't going to do it all again later