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Memories of the 28th Century

New Political Spectrum

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Now that Trump has smashed the Republican Party. we have chunks of political parties, rather than a complete one. The chunks range from the Bolshevik collectivist communists to Mussolini style corporatist Fascists on the economic side, and on the political liberty side they range from true anarchists to absolutists. there's enough space in the range to include almost any political or economic beliefs.

Traditionally, the political parties in the U.S. have included pieces of the spectrum, but the location of the spectra has varied over time. From its founding, the Republican Party was centrist with an egalitarian flavor, and the egalitarian flavor was enhanced by Lincoln becoming a hero of African Americans, but Lincoln also made the party less constitutional and freedom loving by taking civil liberties and extra powers for himself, but it continued on like that until around the First World War, when Wilson stole the small footprint, pacifist, non-interventionist piece. But the Democrats were changing more during the same period.
Rather than going into the early history of the political parties, I suggest that readers read the wikipedia article linked here. This article isn't perfect be it covers many things.

But this leaves us to figure out how the parties will align themselves in the future. The Democratic Party probably will not change dramatically, unless it picks up the state socialists on a more permanent basis. The major components will remain at least for now, including the parts of the labor movement, people who see themselves as minorities, Black people, some people who regard themselves as intellectuals, people who regard themselves as poor, and some of the so-called progressives. That means that the Dems won't be changing much in the near future, and I wonder where antifa will identify themselves.

The Republicans are changing more, at this point, the Trump wing of the party may break off and call itself something else, and Trump has already suggested that he will do that, but whether that split will happen is a question, because neither part of the party would be a competitive force with the numbers in the other side. The Republicans have lost major segments; it ceased to be the party of Lincoln fifty years ago, and it has lost the rural segment, except for those of the Trump cult. It appears that the military section of the party is split, with most of those remaining, while a significant minority has joined the Trump cult. The militant right wingers seemed to be ready to leave the Republicans, until Trump tripped them up on the treason at the Capitol, but we will have to wait to see what will happen with the extreme rightists.

It is possible that the Libertarians will be reunited with the Republicans who will be left after Trump leaves. That would include the classical liberals. That would be too small to compete with the Democrats, unless they could convince the pro-military wing to try to save money by cutting back on the Defense spending, but the strong military wing is diametrically opposed to the Libertarians, because the Libertarians want low taxes and small debt.

Matching the various political movements to related parties is difficult. Not many segments move. Since WW II, the Blacks have moved from the Party of Lincoln to the Democrats, because the Democrats favored civil rights; Labor split between the twp major parties, apparently because some of labor preferred the pro-military ideas that they as individuals preferred, rather than the economic policies that favored the unions. For that reason, the older farm-labor alliances broke apart. The good government movement that used to be a Republican issue has been mostly ignored.

The more I think about it, the more it looks like the parties will stay as they were, except for Trump's followers, and they probably will stay with him until he dies, and after that there may be an heir who will get them for a while, but that won't last. The so-called progressives aren't sold on the Democrats, and many of them will migrate to the Socialist Party or the Green Party;; that migration might be what will keep the non-Trump Republicans competitive.

The more I thought about and researched about this matter, the less confident I felt about it. The future will continue to be unknown, until I get my time machine running, but I have no doubt that the world will be a better place after I will be acclaimed Emperor and eliminate political parties, elections, and related foolishness.