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Change is good...

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We've been stuck in a heat wave for quite some time here in Gold Country. It's not too uncommon for September.

California has been burning; records have been broken for acreage burned since records have been kept for the last 35-40 years. Eerie red sun in the sky during the day due to ash clouds... moon at night too. Sun beams are red tinged... cars are lightly covered with ash from fires miles away in the morning. We're fine here though our community had a small scare about a month ago. I've chronicled a number fires in the past in my poetry and some may been found with a little research in the various threads here at LitNet.

An added twist is that very dry winds will be picking up overnight and our power company will be turning off our power in a few hours from now (Tuesday 1:00 am PDT estimated) until 7:00 pm PDT Wednesday for our safety. We have a generator thanks to last year's debacle... was pricey but necessary. It's only supposed to be about 86F or so tomorrow (30C)... will seem hotter.

Roses updated (same link)...

Covid-19 update... we're fine and it's been wonderful for me to attend church every week now (I'm the only attendee at this time in my family and the only one of my faith), albeit with masks and social distancing still. No singing allowed yet, which breaks my heart as a member of our church choir. Was nice to get a hair cut a few weeks ago Our county has been fortunate (with the exception of Lake Tahoe and El Dorado Hills still) of not having Covid-19 flair-ups. Schools have been only allowing distance learning and I've been tutoring my 12-year old Grandson with his online math. So, overall, we've been blessed.

Musing: My daughter is thinking of selling the property in the not-too-distant future (sigh)... prolly 7-years she's thinking when my 12-year old Grandson finishes high school or so. Tennessee is on her mind due to California's propensity for increasing property taxes. I'm planning my own exit strategy... I really do not want to leave California. I would be welcome in my daughter's plans, but I just don't see it, me being too independent and all. Not sure what my wife will do. LOL, on the bright side my daughter doesn't think I'll be alive by the time she sells (I am getting on in age after all). Perhaps I'll win a lottery or such and be able to purchase a seaside home la Pablo Neruda... but most likely will end up renting a room or apartment somewhere. Not exactly what I planned when I paid off the property, but that's ok... and a lot can happen in 7-years. Change is good...

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