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Memories of the 28th Century

Person to Person Communication

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A number of years ago, an old friend told me about the book that he had just read. The premise of the novel was that humans do not actually use speech to communicate; speech is an attention getting signal only; the actual communication is direct , mind-to-mind. We were staying at a friend's house, and the next morning someone else who was staying there was looking at albums to play, and mentioned something by the Moody Blues. I was not wildly enthusiastic about the Moody Blues, but I like some of their music, so I said, “There's more by them in the other box.”
The other person asked, “Did you say that you hate the Moody Blues?”
I replied, “What I said was that there is more by the Blues in the other box, but it is interesting that you thought that, because I initially thought that I hated the Blues, except for what's in the other box. Even more interesting is what Jim said yesterday about a book he had just finished reading with the premise that speech is just an attention signal, and the real communications in telepathic, and that's exactly what happened between us.”
That person was suitably impressed and looked in the other box. I hope that In Search of the Lost Chord was there, because my favorite Moody Blues song is on that, “The Best Way to Travel”. It is good poetry, but I am not wild about their music.

This came to mind today, because of the reaction that I got to some emails that I recently wrote. Some online dating service in Russia and or Ukraine got my email address, and I fairly often get emails from women who joined that dating service. Some of them seem pleasant and interesting; others seem to be looking for stupid American who will send money; and others seem to be looking for husbands. Recently, one of the latter sort started sending emails, and I wrote back that she seemed nice, but I wasn't the one for her. Then I went on to tastefully described what I would like do do with he. I was hoping that my strongly suggestive ideas would demonstrate that I was more interested in sex than marriage. Apparently, I was too tasteful, because she seems to have found it pleasant and her response was encouraging. After thinking about it for a few hours, I realized that this might be another example of communication directly from consciousness to consciousness, especially after I woke up in the middle of the night with thoughts of that woman working on me, and I was returning the favor.

This also fits well with the matter of human consciousness being separate from the body and continuing after death, because Quantum Theory requires that information cannot be lost, and there is a great deal of information involved in consciousness. The surviving consciousness is another description of the eternal soul.

This concept is in early evolution, and I don not know all of the relevant details. One thing that I am wondering is how one might demonstrate the existence of consciousness separate from the body. If my consciousness interacted with hers in a way that would be apparent to others, then this phenomenon would be clear, and it could be demonstrated, but, as it is, this is purely subjective.

Now, I have to think of a good reply to that woman.