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Corunavirus Journal Update

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California is backtracking closing many bars, etc, in counties that are trending poorly ...
... Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday shut down bars, wineries, museums, movie theaters and inside-restaurant dining across most of the state for three weeks — with luck, enough time to determine whether those actions will once again slow the spread of infections.
For the two weeks ended Monday, California’s confirmed coronavirus cases increased 45% to nearly a quarter-million and hospitalizations increased 52% to 5,077... The order affects Los Angeles and 18 other counties where nearly three-quarters of the state’s roughly 40 million people live. Most of Southern California is covered but not San Diego, which is faring better.
My county (El Dorado) is doing well except for Lake Tahoe and El Dorado Hills... I live in the North County of El Dorado County.

On a brighter note my test for C-19 came up negative today

Be well and be safe.

Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),