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Memories of the 28th Century

Increasing America's Intelligence

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I saw a website earlier that suggested a new American Revolution (see link below). That might be a good idea, but this site was suggesting revolting over the closing of most of the economy, and apparently they want to have all restrictions on activity to be removed. I can understand that, and I don't like government ordering me to do anything. On the other hand, associating with people who are carrying a highly contagious disease who apparently have not made any attempt to avoid infection isn't a very good idea; They are lucky that the disease isn't very dangerous, but some people do die from it.

What I am thinking is that if we hand those people what they want and remember that we understand the reason for locking down; i.e., survival. If we keep that in mind, then we will avoid situations that will expose us to contagion. While the overall mortality rate of Covid19 is less than a quarter of a percent, the people who who don't understand how to avoid it aren't very bright, so letting them running around catching CovSARS 2 would eliminate some of them, and that would raise the average IQ of the survivors. There won't be many of them, so it won't make much difference, but a little bit is better than nothing.

While writing novels in which the majority of humanity died from contagious diseases, I develop ideas about the aftermath, and the best part will be that the stupid people will tend to die proportionately more than intelligent people, and the aftermath probably will not be be violent, because intelligent people find ways to work things out.

The long term results are uncertain, but if we look back at the past, it is pretty clear that people don't change much. While buildings and technology change at varying rates, those changes have little effect on the ways that people live their lives. I realize that there are some people who assert that humans did not have individual identities until fairly recently 5000 years ago, or so, but the available evidence says that people have been about the way they are now at least as far back as 4000 BCE, and it appears that there were no major changes in human psychology as far back as we can find archaeological evidence. Even mega-churches go back close to 10,000 years. And governance has been by a wide spectrum of systems that usually had elements of monarchy and of democracy. People have just continued to do the same old things.

But there are some people who really want to tell people how to live their lives, while others who rule things want to allow people to live their own lives . There are advantages in both, but problems develop when people who want to tell people how to live are rather foggy in their facts, and that is what has developed recently. But, if we give them enough rope, then they can hang themselves. If they hang themselves in great numbers, then the world will be a better place for the rest of us.

I realize that this is a pile of circumloquation, but I hope that you will forgive me.

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