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Memories of the 28th Century

September Surprise

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I have refrained from using my perspective from the 28th century to report events to this period, but this was so monumental that I felt compelled to share the information. Don't worry too much, because Trump was just a minor blip in history who was mostly forgotten within a decade.

It was early September, and the country was getting used to the idea that Trump probably would be president for another term. We were even getting used to having a president who knew as much about the U.S. government as the typical kindergartener. Congress had determined to give up its powers to create the legislation that the president was responsible for carrying out. Trump hadnít seemed all that unhealthy; although he was a hundred pounds over-weight. No one was really ready for his death from heart failure.

We should all take his untimely death as a warning. The cause was ventricular fibrillation that is thought to have resulted from an undiagnosed cardiomyopathy. It was the sort of thing that could go for decades without being noticed, and his annual examinations indicated that he was quite healthy for someone who got little exercise, but the myopathy could have developed even in a healthy person.

In addition to the funeral, the country and the political parties have to make some immediate changes. The Republicans need to put someone else at the top of their ticket, and the Democrat party has to decide whether their ticket is the right one for the post-Trump era.

Pence has made it clear that he would like to lead the party, and the national committee will have to make that decision, but there is question as to who would be at the top of the ticket, and the second-place person at the convention, Bill Weld, has claimed that he should be the presidential nominee, and a lot of history and custom agree with him. An even bigger problem is for all states to update their ballots. There are only two months to go, and there are many things that must be altered. The Republican Party has to decide immediately whether Mike Pence will move up to the top spot, or if it will be Bill Weld. If Pence moves, then a new VP nominee will have to be named.

If the death and changing the ballot weren't enough, some people have been claiming that Trump was actually poisoned. Like any good conspiracy theory there are questions as to whether Brernie Sanders and the Democrat Party poisoned Trump, or if it was done by government operatives from Eastern Europe

And there are others who assert this this was divine retribution for his many transgressions. And still others who point fingers at Republicans angry at Trump's abandonment of the values of Republicans.

The ballots in some states were already closed, and ones that can be changed will have to be changed by the end of September. Some people won't learn who to vote for until election day.

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