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Memories of the 28th Century

Edited History

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For some reason, earlier today I recalled a couple of events that have already been edited out of the history of the 21st century. Unfortunately, I do not have archival information about either event, so many people won’t believe that they happened. In the end, I found that these items haven’t been deleted, just ignored and pushed out of the generally available record.

Neither item was widely reported when it happened, but there were reports online. The first one was when in the Summer of 2001 Mullah Omar offered, through diplomatic channels, to assist the U.S. in taking Osama Bin Laden out of the picture. The Afghans would keep bin Laden in one place so the U.S. could grab him. That was before September 11, 2001, so the U.S. wasn’t actively seeking Osama, but he was so annoying to Mullah Omar that he wanted him removed. And remember that the U.S. was sending supplies to the Lion of Panjshir at that time, so the U.S. would have been helping both sides in an ongoing war. This matter has been covered up so much that I can’t find any reports of it online; even though nothing completely disappears. The most information about this is in an article in Al Jazeera that mentions it, see link and excerpt below.

The other event was the matter of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a leader of a guerrilla group in Iraq before and during the U.S. invasion. It appears that the same name was used by different people at different times. Al-Zarqawi made trouble in Jordan, and was imprisoned there for a time. After he was released he went to Afghanistan, where he was an active adherent of the Taliban, until he was seriously wounded. At that time, he was sent to Baghdad where his leg was amputated and he was trained with prosthetic leg. After that he became involved with a group training guerrillas in Northern Iraq. He was there when the U.S. started air raids against potential problems. He and some others were sitting round when rocket(s) were fired at their position. Everyone ran, but al-Zarqawi was hampered by his leg, and he was blown up by the rocket. From then on the U.S. military called anyone they hated al-Zarqawi, so he was blamed for various bombings and guerrilla actions for the next few years, until the U.S. military found it convenient to say that an otherwise unidentified body was al-Zarqawi. That wasn’t the first time in military history when a fake person was used as a target. Read the linked story and note that al-Zarqawi’s lost leg is mentioned. “Al-Qaida's leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead but Washington continues to use him as a bogeyman to justify a prolonged military occupation, an Iraqi Shia cleric says in an interview.”

There are two issues involved here: First there is the matter of news disappearing. Someone saves almost everything on line, but some things slip between the cracks, and no one was paying attention to Afghanistan in the Summer of 2001, and even fewer people could imagine Mullah Omar cooperating with the U.S.A., even though bin Laden was the enemy of all countries, regardless of religion, and Omar had invited him to leave. And second, there is the matter of creating dummy leaders and Quaker cannons to fool the enemy. Before the D-Day Invasion, George Patton was commanding a Quaker Cannon” He then was assigned a key role in Operation Fortitude, the Allies' disinformation campaign for Operation Overlord. Following the invasion of Normandy in June 1944, Patton was given command of the Third Army," Patton's group successfully fooled the Germans into moving troops to where Patton's army was supposed to invade.

I found part of the matter of Mullah Omar: "According to Pakistani journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai, Mullah Omar stated in the late 1990s, "We have told Osama [Bin Laden] not to use Afghan soil to carry out political activities as it creates unnecessary confusion about Taliban objectives."[57]”

I wonder what other news has disappeared. Unless someone actively seeks out news that someone thought unworthy of storage, it will truly be lost, and future understanding of the history will be distorted. Even my insignificant mention of these matters in my blog may keep them from fading away. There is the online repository that is supposed to have everything, but it might be nice to have a separate archive of obscure history.

I wasn't making it up: 'The Taliban government in Afghanistan offered to present Osama bin Laden for a trial well before the attacks of September 11, 2001, but the US government showed no interest, according to a senior aide to the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar.' This is quite different from what I remembered, but the gist is the same, and toward the end of the article the matter of handing Osama over to the U.S.A. for bombing embassies was mentioned. Things could have been much easier for the last eighteen years, if only.

Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over
We already knew that the Afghan War was a personal thing for W. It is sad that one man cost the U.S.A. so much in men and money and international standing.
When Osama met Mullah Omar: A moment that could have changed history

If only I had a working time machine in 2001, so I could have gotten newspapers from the last few years with information about George W. Bush's wars and their lasting costs.

Let me know, if there have been any events that were erased that you know of.

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