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Kissed By An Angel?

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Running around today, I bumped into an old friend of mine. And her husband.

I last saw her five years ago, when she and her husband moved 500 miles away.

So it was a pleasure indeed, to see her. She was more my acquaintance than her husband, by the way.

In any case, it was so lovely to see her! She had settled into a new job and new home so far away, and was doing well... But: her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the meantime ...

This poor fellow has been bombarded with treatment after treatment with no end in sight so sad indeed. His last treatments were in November, and it is now March, and no new stuff has been detected... but my friend said that it was indeed TERMINAL. Gasp how horrible life can be...

In any case, I spoke with her husband, only a few moments, and said what a trooper he was, and that he looked good (yes, he did -thinner, but still smiling). And then the worst happened -- he burst into tears, declaring how very kind people really were. It takes an illness like mine, he said, to find that out...

Then, he kissed me and thanked me so much for my kindness....

OMG -- really??? Here is a guy, fighting for his life... he kisses me?! I should have reached for him -- as HE is the sufferer here...

Anyhow I left the scenario feeling very humbled indeed.

And that is why the title: Kissed By An Angel...

Be strong, CH... I am rooting for you!!

Over and out,



  1. wulfgie's Avatar
    that inspired me in many ways
  2. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    So sad...