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The Woman In The Fur Coat

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After an extensive one and a half hours of practicing (yes, on a Grand Piano!), I paused and went outside the building to indulge in a cigarette. I am deeply stressed, as I have ten pages of music to master prior to Sunday. Three pages are going really well, but that remaining seven is exhausting.... *sigh* Time for a smoke break, I thought...

So, as I was standing there, well away from the entrance to the building, god forbid that a smoker is anywhere near a door entrance (hmmm, yes, I do understand and respect that, btw), I was approached by a woman who actually went out of her way to go by me. She was a prune faced woman, with a deathly scowl on her countenance. She strutted up to me, wearing a snow-white three-quarter length fur coat. Obviously seal fur. Baby seal fur....

Through a pinched mouth that probably hadn't smiled in forty odd years, she declared that I was indeed disgusting and had a terribly filthy habit. How DARE I pollute the air that she needed to breath on her way to the entrance of that building...

Say WHAT???!! She went OUT OF HER WAY to go by me... obviously wanting to give me a piece of her mind....

After a few moments of listening to the sins of cigarette smokers, I interrupted her and said that if she was finished, I would like to have a say, as, after all, SHE instigated this conversation with ME.

She sputtered and asked what I had to say for myself. (seriously??!!)

"Well", I began, "I wasn't going to say anything, as I feel that people have a right to do their own thing and all. But, since you stopped me and opened this conversation, I would like to say that I seriously wonder just how many tiny baby seals were clubbed to death, so that you could obtain that massive fur that you are wearing. I personally find that totally distasteful and ignorant. And I further wonder, just HOW do you sleep at night?"

"I sleep just FINE you, you, ... smoker, you!!" she retorted angerly (lame, but anyhow...)

"Yeah, well, do your research on what goes on in the obtaining and creating that so-called coat that you have draped over your ample body"...

"Oh.... go on and have another cigarette", she shrilled at me, angerly stomping off.

Yah know, that was a great idea. I could use another smoke right now...


Over and Out



  1. PeterL's Avatar
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    I think it is clear, even without seeing her that she felt like yelling at someone, and you appeared to be her target, magically appearing on the empty beach. I don't often do that, but I used to have a list of companies that had screwed up that I might get back at, when I felt like telling someone off. I can't describe how good was to get a cold sales call on one of those days;it improved my mood immensely.
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Ha ha, oh Peter, you made me laff at the whole stupid scenario! Thanks for your input, so refreshing indeed!
  3. PeterL's Avatar
    You are more than welcome. I expect that even you have days when screaming at someone is the best to way to improve your mood.