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I have a few extra email accounts, and one is just for things that I want to stay away from. For some reason, that address has gotten into the hands of some web sites in Russia and Ukraine that specialize in trying to either sell women, or to get stupid people to send money to unknown persons who claim to be sexy women who want to move out of Russia.

I feel sorry for Russian and Ukrainian women who try to solicit money by email. They send an endless of stream of email that must take them some time to write, and they have many photos made of themselves, and they somehow find email addresses, and their emails get deleted. To kill time in a pleasant way, I sometimes look at the emails, and I have even replied purely for sport. Some of them have stories that would be difficult to dream up, while others appear to have been set up by professional managers who get a cut of the proceeds. I assume that all of them are phonies of one sort or another; although some are quite pleasing to the eye.

For some time, I believed their statements about there being no good men in Russia, because they are all drunks. I have read that this is not true, but I wonder to what degree it is true. Russian men have been known as drunks for a long time.

But a bigger question is whether they get any income from their emails. There are people who are taken in by all sorts of foolishness, so there must be some guys who have so much money that they contribute some to those senders of emails.

Recently, the women started setting up accounts with a "dating" site that allows women to get free accounts, while men have to pay. Nearly all of the photos are on one of those sites, so there is no free entertainment anymore. I suppose that makes more sense than some woman sending emails to someone like me for weeks before she finally realizes that, while I may be amusing, I am cheap, and they have no use for men who do not send money. But that is not universally true, because there are women who really are looking for guys who will see them as mail-order brides. I don't know if any of the ones who have sent me emails were sincere, but I am certain that many of them really were looking for me to send money.

I just looked at what I have collected in the last few days. There were no photos; one had no text in the email; one was addressed from a guy in business school at the University of Illinois. This was not an interesting collection. Considering that a guy in business school is doing it, there might be some money in it, like the Nigerian bank scam. I still get Nigerian scam emails, so someone must have made money from it at least once, and I have heard that someone who got such an email responded and claimed that it was for real. I don't know what the final result was, but as long as it didn't cost anything, it would have been interesting.

After writing this a week ago, I got a long complicated Nigerian Bank scam email for someone who is semi-literate. It made me want to rewrite those things for a small fee. And I got an email from a Russian who wrote that she just wanted to make small talk. Emailing back to them is good practice for flirting, and who knows what might come from it someday; this one had some photos, and she is pleasant to look upon.

Maybe I should investigate whether there are scams related to the Nigerian bank thing that are actually successful.

Websites about Russian dating websites. They aren't like other dating sites.