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Memories of the 28th Century

New Era, update

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On December 22, 2018, the seventh year of the new era began. Certainly you remember the ending of the last world, when both Mayan Calendars ended together. We started looking at the new era in comparison with the old era, and this is a report on the changes tyhat have come with the new era.

As a whole, the new era has been worse than was the old era, but we have only had six years to judge it on, so far.

Fundamentally, all times are similar, but Donald Trump was not a major feature of the political landscape in the old era, and back then politicians only lied an ordinary amount, and some of them made accurate statements. In the new era there are enough lies for several times as many politicians as exist. After Trump there will be no need for politicians who lie for many decades, so he has done us one service. And, of course, there is plenty of extra money available.

While that is true for the U.S.A., it appears that much of Europe is playing it straight; although I don't know who else has had gifts from Deutschland, and the Ruskies have a criminal gang running their country, and apparently they like it that way.

It's hard to tell whether the U.S. exported the pay as you go system to Afghanistan, or if they have simply updated their ancient system of showing appreciation in advance. A similar system exists in Iraq. On the other hand, most of the English speaking world has clean and reasonably efficient government.

Africa has continued to deteriorate as the new era has progressed. Somalia and the Central African Republic (so-called) led the continent in bad government, but there is a push in South Africa to wrest the land from the people who have titles that go back several centuries, and the present owners are much too efficient. Distributing the land to the landless descendant of the invaders from Central Africa would do nothing for them, but it would drive out the present owners and cultivators, so South Africa would be able to stop contributing to the world's food production and its people could join the line of those in need of food (following the example of Zimbabwe).

Australia continues to do amazingly well for a place that is mostly desert and is overrun with dangerous wildlife in all other areas. Speaking of that part of the world, scientists have found the remnants of a large continent mostly under the ocean, and of which New Zealand is the only part above water. It doesn't do much good, but it's more interesting that the South Sudan war.

Remarkably, South America has been relatively quiet, except for the half-wit trying to run Venezuela has been doing a bad job, and Brazil recently elected an ignorant populist to try to run the place. But South American wines are still some of the best deals available. And the Columbians decided to call off their long running rebellion; although they haven't agreed to a formal ending statement.

Another thing that Trump is trying to do is built a wall to keep people from entering the U.S.A. There are a couple of problems with that idea: One is that most of the illegals entries into the U.S.A. are done by air or ship, and the prohibition is in the wrong direction. It would be better, if the rest of the world put a wall around the U.S.A. to keep Americans and their shoddy products from being sent to other countries. The only things that other countries want from the U.S. are agricultural products and money. And we could use a single unembargoed port to send enough of that to other places. The question is: which port?

All in all, the new era is much like the old era, just a little worse and a little more recent. It will have to serve until I become Emperor. But that reminds me that everyone should read my new book: "Paradoxes and Contradictions".

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