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Memories of the 28th Century

Delusion in the White House

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Maybe itís just the zeitgeist of this days, but I have noticed more and more people showing signs of delusional thinking. It isnít just a few people with schizophrenic symptoms, but even the present occupant of the Oval Office shows signs of delusional thinking. It might have been a mistake to mention schizophrenia, because not of the delusional people have that problem; although it is difficult to tell without careful observation and analysis. And while belief in conspiracy theories can indicate greater problems, most believers in conspiracy theories hold those beliefs because of ignorance or low level of intelligence. While schizophrenia requires careful observation and analysis for an appropriate person to determine the actual problem.

And when we look carefully at the delusional ideas of Mr. Trump, we discover that most of those are due to his relatively low level of intelligence, or maybe he was almost completely lacking in education. Some of his comments about government indicated that he had less understanding of the U.S. government than a high school freshman would be expected to have. He may have seriously believed that the president could run the country as if he were the owner, and that is why I suggested that a high school freshman knew more.*

I tried to find a list of his delusional thoughts, but I only found a few listed, but the list of his lies since he took office is up to 4229, but that was on August 1, 2918; he might have made a few more since then. (see linked article below)

The reason why I even thought about the Trumpery is that the other delusional people that I encounter have been somewhat more overt, and I was wondering, if they were taking Trump's delusional expressions as encouragement for them to be more delusional. I can't answer that question, and I would hope that the answer is actually rather individual.*

There are many people who take the words of the president as having more weight than the words of experts, and I wonder whether his supporters believe that because Trump says something that it becomes true. I do believe that there are some Americans who believe that the president as absolute power; those people are among the most ignorant. That is; Trump's biggest supporters are the most ignorant people. That is sad.*

When I started this post, I hoped that I would find reason to conclude with great certainty that Trump is dangerously insane and incapable of holding high office, but when I looked at the definition, it became clear that there are no clear-cut definitions in psychology, so while I can with confidence write that Trump has demonstrated some of the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia, that doesn't provide any solid evidence that he has schizophrenia. When one looks at his lies and misstatements about the presidency it brings into question whether he understands his position well enough to carry it out, but the same could be said of most of the people who have held that office, and few of the people who take that position are satisfied with it; they would prefer more power. I can't blame them for that. I would be happy to be Emperor of the United State of America, but I would not be so enthusiastic about being president.

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  1. MANICHAEAN's Avatar
    It is so difficult to be objective about this particular individual. If there is to be any hope for the future, it's nature will be one of a negative virtue. By this I mean that his behaviour is to such a negative, almost bizarre extreme, that it will demand a close examination of what exactly are American values. I'm sorry if this sounds patronising, but America has such a wealth of talent and yet this useless joke of a man has somehow risen to the top.
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    It is sad that someone could parlay stupidity and dishonesty into a large fortune and major political power, but that's what Trump has done. Playin the bankruptcy laws took him from abject poverty to great wealth. It suggests that there are major problems with bankruptcy laws. Then he took incompetency and turned it into a virtue. I am looking forward to the Really Great Pandemic, after which there will be many fewer such people.