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Text Generators

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Breathe like a little beaver. Shouldn't we all acknowledge the American Idols? It is amazing to discover the kernel lies inside of us.
--Marie Antoinette

A few days ago I across the New Age Bull**** Generator (****/). And just now I discovered that there are others of the same genre:
Postmodern Generator
Political Rhetoric Generator
The Random JPII Platitude Generator
The enigmatic wisdom of Deepak Chopra
Your Completely Made-up Inspirational Quote:
Breathe like a little beaver. Shouldn't we all acknowledge the American Idols? It is amazing to discover the kernel lies inside of us.
--Marie Antoinette

These are some, but there are more such things than I imagined, but I hadnít looked at text randomizers for years, but, as someone pointed out to me earlier, in a sense we all are specialized text randomizers. I had just commented something to the effect that a babbling schizophrenic is the same as one of these programs. I wasnít suggesting that he was identical to one, but there is a strong similarly.

On the other hand, whether we work at it or not, what we say is restricted to our vocabularies and what we are interested in. It occurred to me that my recent works of fiction are like that, and it would come out in summaries of them. So if you want to read about history, time travel, pair bonding, epistemology, metaphysics, physics, religion, determinism, lies, logical fallacies, truisms, monarchy, etc., etc., then you might enjoy what I have written, but the list goes on a fair bit more, and that points toward what makes some people with mental illness unpleasant to listen to; they are boring, but most people are only interested in a limited range of subjects.

But text randomizers can be good fun. Shortly after it as written the creator of the Postmodern Generator submitted a paper created by using it for presentation at a major conference, and the paper was accepted. That was by Professor Sokal and is available on this page: As I understand it, he was starting to present the paper at a conference, when some friends could not hold their laughter. He provides his rationale for creating the paper on this page: I believe that his explanation is excellent, and it justifies his parody. It also agrees with my repeated contention that many people who think they are scientists should learn logic. They don't have to learn every detail, but they should learn enough to tell when they are reading (or writing) a fallacious argument. If everyone realized how often things they read in alleged news sources are based on invalid premises and are buttressed with "data" that do not match anything in the real world. But those serious looking articles have all the right buzz-words and look and sound like actual facts. Some articles and papers in scientific topics that I read seem to have been created by a scientific paper generator, but I could only find such a generator for computer science.
Computer science generator
Techno-babble generator
climate change world weather file generator

If one looks, then one can find, and that's what I did for climate change world weather file generator, and there it is. I do not know how this is being used, but it looks suspicious, and it should be possible to take the conclusions one wishes to find and create data for that. This isn't new; I have read of numerous investigations that discovered that scientists were adjusting their data so it would produce the desired results. Such activity has been detected, but some probably gets through. But this post is about the joy of using a text randomization program, and how such programs mimic the speech patterns of certain people.

I had realized that my interests were limited, and I am glad that they are. Using the text generators gives ma some idea about the ways that other people's interests and knowledge are limited. It's something to think about.


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