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Memories of the 28th Century

Anonymous Harassment

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Recently, I learned that someone is harassing me by making anonymous allegations about me to the police, and, of course, the police won't tell me who, but as far as I know, it is not anyone that I know. It used to be that if someone wanted to make an accusation to the police, then their names would be available on the complaint, and the accused could see that. Apparently that isn't required anymore, so a complete stranger can make an anonymous accusation, and get away with it. there's nothing that one can do about it. And that's what was happening. Someone, a woman, has asserted to the police that I have gotten "too close" to her in public spaces. She isn't anyone I know, so I don't know why she is saying complaining that; some women wish that I would get closer to them. I initially thought that this would continue, but then I realized that I can toss it right back. I informed the police that

I was being harassed by that woman, and she was using the police as the instrument of her harassment, and if such behavior continued I would make a formal accusation. I emailed a deputy chief of the police that she used, and several hours later I got a response to the effect that my note would kept on file in case there were any additional complaints of that nature.

I did a little research on the matter, and it looks like this is not unheard of, and it leads me to wonder if I am being stalked. I thought that stalking was something that sick men did to women they were afraid to meet. Women generally have better sense, and realize that sort of behavior is likely to scare the prey away, so they try to make themselves more desirable and approachable to the intended target. And if one really wants to have nothing to do with someone, then the best course of action was to avoid that person, rather than being so involved in what that person is doing that one is within close contact with that person.

There are people I prefer to have nothing to do with, so I avoid them. Fortunately, they don’t find me so desirable that they approach me regardless of my desire, and they ones that I strongly want to avoid I keep many miles away from.


  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    That´s weird, Peter. How did you learn about the Harrasment?
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    Yes, it is weird. I found out, when two police showed up and suggested that I keep my distance from people. I didn't go for that, and that is why I wrote an email to their boss. I hope that will be the end of this, but it got me thinking that something rather Kafkaesque could be made of it.
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Wow, that is truly bizarre!
    Wonder just WHY this woman is acting this way... what a strange situation...
  4. PeterL's Avatar
    Yes, that's what I wonder also, and that's why I informed the police that I would consider any repeat of that foolishness to be criminal harassment. But I would rather that I not even find out who she is, and that the thing blows over, but I suspect some form of mental illness.