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Another Week In The Life Of A Pianist

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Woo, another very busy week in the life of a pianist.

This weekend I have the privilege of playing with a band, ten music pieces need to be played.

There will be a trombonist, a trumpet player, a drummer, a bass player and a lead guitar (12-string acoustic and damn he is good). As well, a singer, who I have met and worked with before *phew* (singers can be nightmares, believe me).

I am familiar with a few of the pieces, but there are three pieces that I have never even heard of before, and each is minimum of three pages....

I only found out that I was needed because the 'normal pianist' has had a death in the family, and I got this news late last night.

Well brain cells kick in already!! I gotta do this!

Back to 3-5 hours a day on the piano bench... sigh

But doggone it, this life is fun!! Challenges are what keeps us going, no?

Wish me luck!!



  1. Virgil's Avatar
    You must be a marvelous piano player Kiz. You'll do great.
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