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Memories of the 28th Century


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I Have lived my life so far in a federal republic, and I have seen how poorly that works. Republics try to give a voice to everyone that can be involved. Democracy is even worse, because everyone has a voice and a vote, even the insane, drunk, or mentally defective, and results often show the influence of such people. Aristocracy all too often deteriorates into plutocracy or oligarchy. If we are talking about governing a major country, then we are more interested in results than in process.
It is nice when a country has an admirable process of governing and gets high quality results. Here in the U.S.A. that happened for several decades in the early stages of the federal republic. The best people were interested and involved in government. Then populist foolishness took over, and the natural aristocracy walked away, with only a few becoming involved after the election of Andy Jackson.

Monarchy has largely gone out of style, but typically monarchs have been superior rulers. They know that their fortunes and the fortunes of their families depend on the quality of government and management of the national economy, and they act on that basis. Unfortunately, a few inferior monarchs have tainted this form of government in the popular view, and rabble rousers have roused the rabble into actively disliking monarchy and sometimes acting against the monarchs, so that the fascist rabble rousers could take power themselves. While Louis XIV had a bad attitude, he and his family predecessors had done a rather good job running France for a few hundred years, after wresting most of the country from the traditional aristocracy and imposing their stamp on those lands, but they were so liberal in their attitudes that they didn't even impose the French language on the conquered lands; that would have to wait until the usurper, Bonaparte, took the throne and crowned himself emperor. Or consider the German lands, where local rulers ruled, until a monarchist politician took control of first one then additional principalities, until there was one one monarch left. But that was an inexperienced monarchy, and it destroyed itself.

A monarchy in a place with a tradition of stable government would be a worthy innovation, and here in the U.S.A. there is a tradition of stable government for more than two hundred forty years, and steady economic expansion for most of that period. Over the next two hundred forty years we can expand to other planets, conquering new worlds with new technologies. with a monarchy we could do all that while democracies and republics are busy arguing ways and means.

Rule by a monarch does not mean that the rights of the people would be ignored. Happy people are effective people, so I would grant the people rights that would be as broad or broader than the rights they presently have. The fastest way to regicide is injustice, so we would avoid injustice and guarantee fair and independent courts of justice. And we would not rule in a vacuum or from a closed room. We would seek advice from the best sources we could find, and we would actually pay attention to reliable sources; listening to prejudiced sources like Fox News would be counter productive.

Policies would treat everyone as fairly as possible. granting tax exemptions to some that are not shared by all as good reasons for some people to evade taxes. Similarly, I would endeavor to have viceroys and local representatives who were as committed to fairness as I am, and that would be enforced with a sharp Guillotine, and rewards to people who reported any illegal activities by my representatives.

One thing that has caused unhappiness among the ruled since time immemorial has been restricting the behavior that people wish to engage in. The people will be encouraged to act as they wish, s long as they do not harm others.

The people do something that will lead to their benefits and raise up a monarch to take back their time and money that has been wasted by representatives and elected officials. Take back your lives and fortunes and encourage the rest of the world to do similarly.