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Looking For ME.

Disambiguation Of Mankind Expunged. =D O M E .

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This blog is about attempting to clarify, to disambiguate the truth and reality as to what mankind actually "IS", and then expunge from our consciousness all other false ideas about our real identity. We can spend our entire life living in a charade of believing and acting as though we were the owners of the body we occupy, which of course, we are not! To clarify further the real owner of the body occupied is NOT John Smith,or Mary Jones,or whatever name you go by dear reader,the real owner is the SOUL! We all live with a stranger within us(and we know it not) and millions die every year never knowing who that inner stranger ever was.
It may well be a vain hope of mine to attempt to bring clarity to this global ignorance of our true identity,but at least I am willing to try. The reason for this mass ignorance runs deep within our psyche, and we are not to blame for this state of unknowingness about who we really are, because where could you go and be taught this reality?

Our schools and universities, do not teach this truth, that we are all Divine Immortal Souls, and therefore could nnot pass it on to us.Running parallel with this attempt to bring clarity and understanding as tto who we really are,I would like to mention the teachings of religion, in particular the teaching that we are all born in sin! The word sin actually breaks down into this; Spirit-Is-Negated-=SIN, our sin is that we are not taught who we really ARE, because of mass -ignorance of the REALITY!
Our inner spirit is negated because we do not know its THERE!!!!! There is absolutely no such thing as being born sinful, we are all born of innocence not sin! How can a Divine spirit born into a vehicle to express its Divinity upon the Earth plane be sinful? The very notion is absurd and repugnant.
Thankfully we are now in an age where there is massive amounts of information available to us all. We can ask Google who we really are? And there are many websites that talk about the reality of the immortal soul, that dwells within each one of us upon this planet Earth.