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Memories of the 28th Century

Hunting Witches

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I have never been on a witch hunt, per se, but those arenít as popular as they used to be. But considering what nice people most witches are maybe I should hunt some up. Hearing news about Robert Mueller conducting a witch hunt got me thinking about such things again.

Hunting witches was never an especially popular sport in the U.S. or in the region that became the U.S. The Salem witch trials and executions were the biggest such event. If we want to find information about hunting witches, we should look at Germany in the Middle Ages.

Malleus Maleficarum by Heinrich Kramer was a well-known manual for witch hunters in the 15th century. A fair number of witches were captured and/or slain around that time; although most of them were unfortunate elderly people.

There are other and more modern manuals for identifying and catching witches. The methods listed in this first article "10 Ways Identify Witch" look interesting; although they may not be completely reliable.

The methods in the second article "How To Spot A Witch" are somewhat more traditional.

My personal preference is to look for thoroughly modern Wiccans; many of whom are attractive women. They are less secretive that the old-style witches were, but fewer people hunt them down with the intention of slaying them. The modern Wicca sometimes advertise their events online, so it is easy find them. There is at least one site that posts Wicca events but the website is not very active; their page on Facebook is much more active. But searching the internet is a much better way to find witches than inspecting suspects for spots or other signs.

It's one of those things that the more you look for them, the more you will find. But Donald Trump inspired me to write about hunting witches, and poor Mr. Trump doesn't understand much, nor does he express himself well. He was trying to imply that nothing would be found in a witch hunt, but his turn of phrase only means what he intended to those who are not acquainted to any witches, and that is not a problem that I have.

Trump was also trying to imply that the hunters were doing something that is not good. Thinking about hunting witches reminded me of some of the witches that I have known. I would love to hunt up some of them again, even though they included some of the craziest people I have even met, but they had excellent qualities to go along with being witches and crazy.

No, the more I think of it, the better an idea I think hunting witches is. But I think it is fair to say that a bad day hunting witches is surely better than a good day at work, to paraphrase someone bon mot.


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