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Looking For ME.

Mobius Strip the Ferrier Of Souls In and Out Of Incarnation . Part two

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Feel refreshed after a long swim in the hot sunshine here in Turkey, am now ready to continue this blog on Mobius.
Before the soul incarnates it needs the help of Mobius to arrange all the details for the next incarnation here upon the earth
plane, if the soul has progressed far enough on its evolutionary journey, then the soul has a choice of when to return to this
vale of tears, and will often wait for centuries to pass before deciding to return here, other souls who are not so far along
their evolutionary path, have no choice whatsoever, and their return is automatic and can even be just a few weeks since
they last (died) changed venues! There is so much cooperation that goes on behind the scenes, so to speak, that very few
here on Earth are even aware of, or would they actually care? Too busy doing something very important on their "smart" phone.
When an agreement has been reached between the soul and Mobius, here I think I should make it clear that "Mobius" is
actually an intelligent being, who has a universal responsibility to ferry souls in and out of incarnation, its name is not actually
Mobius, I gave this great entity that name because it fitted the role in which it plays and dear old Mobius who the strip is named
after, was also a very intelligent man, that's why I use his name. When an agreement to incarnate is reached, Mobius then gets
Busy and first causes the soul to fall into a deep sleep, ready to cross over the fabled river Styxx, "the river of forgetfulness"
Mobius then asks for the cooperation of the elements, earth, air, fire, and water, and lastly the ether which is the "coherent
energy signature" of the soul, when all the elements agree, which they usually do, the atoms and particles are leased out
on loan to the incoming soul, so that it may partake of some experiences necessary for it to ascend upon its evolutionary
path. I feel it behoves me to mention that all the elements mentioned here are all universal intelligences that operate throughout
this universe, and without them, we could not exist at all.

That's enough for tonight, regards Michael.