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Looking For ME.

What is Man, that we are mindful of him?

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The question of "Who Am I"? has been asked countless times down through countless centuries, by a multitude of ardent
seekers, all searching for the answer to that question of, who am I? This question i feel is the most important question any
conscious being could ask of itself. To know and realise your true and immortal identity. All other questions pale into
insignificance, because the revelation and full answer to this question, brings about a massive dimensional opening
within the consciousness of the one being literally reborn and baptised by the fire of the indwelling spirit, that now has
awakened in the astonished consciousness of the reborn soul, a monumental shift and expansion of consciousness has
occurred within the now awakened one. If we use modern terminology what has occurred within the now soul conscious
individual, is that it has "received a download of cosmic consciousness" which has now been vouchsafed within its psyche.

More later.

regards Michael.